BREAKING BAD: Heisenberg’s Going ‘Straight To Hell’, New Skyler Promo


Ahead of tonight’s MUCH anticipated return of Breaking Bad, series creator Vince Gilligan and show lead Bryan Cranston spoke to TV Guide about what’s in store.

Cranston has no fuzzy illusions about his character’s ultimate destination: Walter White’s going “straight to hell”, he says:

“You think you’ve seen the depth of where Walt can go, but you’ll realize, ‘Oh, I guess I haven’t. He’s going darker and deeper.’ Anybody who needs to root for the lead character and be in league with them at all times has long since turned this show off. This is a train straight to hell, and for some reason, people want to be on the ride.”

Gilligan argues that Walt genuinely cares for Jesse, in his own twisted way:

“Walt needs Jesse on a certain level. He needs a loyal partner; he needs the backup. But beyond that, some days it seems like he needs more still. Jesse being in his life seems to be of utmost importance to him, and it’s clear he will do anything to keep Jesse’s respect and keep Jesse’s obedience.”

TV Guide also provide additional insight into the premiere, in which Walt and Jesse tie up their loose ends and in doing so meet some of the power players above Gus.

We know from a recent casting announcement that Laura Fraser enters the fray as “Lydia”, one of Gus’ associates who is “nervous about her place in the world.” It should be interesting to see just how much of a vacuum Gus’ demise has left and whether the remnants of his kingdom mostly pose a threat or an opportunity for the new king.

Meanwhile, AMC has dropped another Season 5 promo, this one focusing on Skyler, who is many things: Boss, sister, wife, adulteress, accessory, accomplice, mother..

When push comes to shove, will she be the one to send Heisenberg down into the pits of hell? You have to wonder:

Season 5 premieres July 15 on AMC

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