BREAKING BAD: Hank Vs Walt Chase Hits ‘Amazing’ Heights In Season 5, Says Star


Will it be a case of good cop, better criminal as Hank and Walter take their game of cat and mouse to new levels in Breaking Bads final chapter?

Certainly Betsy Brandt, who plays Hank’s kleptomaniac wife, believes the upcoming final season of the AMC serial will show just what the two characters are made of. She told TV Guide:

“I’ll say this, Hank is a really good cop, but Walt is a really good criminal, so to see this chase where Hank’s not even aware that it’s Walt — you have to see where it goes. It’s pretty amazing.”

Now, as far as I can see there are a few tantalising directions this storyline could go:

1. Hank will ultimately catch Walt, who will end the series rotting/dying in the slammer.

2. Walt will kill Hank after he discovers the truth about his secret life as a drug lord. Walt’s already shown the lengths he will go to protect his new way of life, just ask Brock’s digestive system and the spirit of Jane.

3. Walt will offer Hank the chance to come aboard the meth-dealing enterprise, making it a true family business with Hank helping to keep the authorities off the scent.

I could be way off, of course, but if you’re asking me which scenario is the most interesting, I’d have to say #2 followed by #3. I can’t see this situation getting any better for Walter White, even if he appears to get more powerful in the process.

We’ll see how it all shakes down when Breaking Bad continues, July 15 on AMC

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