BREAKING BAD: Final Episode Guides Reveal Path To The End

breaking bad final episode guides

Official episode titles and descriptions for the final eight installments of Breaking Bad have arrived ahead of the August 11 return.

Adding context to the 60+ photos, here are the official titles and plot guides for the final eight episodes of the cult AMC serial, all the way through to the series finale, “Felina”:

5.09 — “Blood Money“: As Walt and Jesse adjust to life outside of the business, Hank grapples with a troubling lead.

5.10 — “Buried“: While Skyler’s (Anna Gunn) past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.

5.11 — “Confessions“: Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand.


5.12 — “Rabid Dog“: An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything. (each season of Breaking Bad has featured an episode with an animal-related name.)

5.13 — “To’hajiilee“: Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.

5.14 — “Ozymandias“: Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.

5.15 — “Granite State“: Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion. (The Granite State is New Hampshire. Is this when we catch up to the events seen in “Live Free or Die”?)

5.16 — “Felina“: The series finale. (“Felina” is an anagram for “finale” and is related to the word feline.)

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What do you think of the titles and descriptions? How do you think Breaking Bad will end?

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  1. Ethan says

    I don’t like the finale title. I much prefer the previous fan speculated title: ‘Crystal Clear”. Also, Blood Money is a pretty superfluous title seeing as how pretty much every red cent made in this show up to this point has inevitably led to countless losses of life, but of course its going to be some sort of double en tender.

    All of the other titles are pretty good.

    Now here is my honest fan speculation on the last 8. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope that it isn’t true so that I am completely wrong and the show gets me by surprise. That being said I am pretty satisfied if this is how everything goes down. It will completely live up to my expectations (but if I am that correct, let it be known that I am not the guy that stole Bryan Cranston’s script). But this is just for fun, so here goes:

    BLOOD MONEY – First order of business: I have not seen Chicks n’ guns, but I believe the last scene in 508 with Jessie was him getting off the phone with Saul after Saul tipped him off what he did to Brock. I still don’t think he knows about the Jane ordeal, and i also don’t think he’ll ever have to know about the Jane ordeal in order to find a redeeming quality in Walt. I don’t think it matters any more, the poisoning of Brock outweighed Walt standing back on the sidelines during Jane’s gag, in terms of moral awfulness.

    Second order of business – As for how Leaves of Grass got carelessly tossed onto the stack of reading material beside the guest toilet. Here are each of my theories:
    1. Walter carelessly put it there, just not thinking. He has been careless before, in 302 caballo Sin Nombre, completely oblivous to the fact that their are two mass assassins in his very house, in 501 Live and Let Live, where he almost forgets to dispose of Gus’s security camera evidence and it dawns on him at the last second. Walter never exactly had a firm grasp on the criminal mind. He learns the chemistry, the business, but in times of cleaning his trail, he’s pretty sloppy. This is my most likely theory.
    2. Walter Jr. or Skylar put it there, completely oblivious to what it was.
    3. Walter put it there on purpose. He wants to be found out. His cancer has come back, and before he dies he wants all of Albuquerque to REMEMBER HIS NAME. Having already gained his infamy, he leaves Leaves of Grass at the very spot he knows Hank will go to take a dump. (this is the least likely of my theories as the first 10 second teaser that premeired shows a dumbfounded Walt in his robe probably realizing that Hank knows). Still a pretty fun theory.
    4. Jessie gets Saul to get Huel to plant Leaves of Grass much like Walt got Saul to get Huell to finger Jessie’s ricin cig. and that is the guilt that Jesse is having in the synopsis of the episode (Confessions). Jessie might even confess to Walt that he did it. I think this is the 2nd most likely.
    5. Lydia got Todd to plant it there – I think this is the 2nd least likely. Lydia might’ve known about the book somehow but i don’t think so.
    6. Maybe Carol the neighbor lady moved it there trying to help the White’s tidy up there home. This is somewhere in the middle most likely.

    Bryan Cranston said there’s a nice seen with a neighbor lady carol, and another scene thats not so nice. Maybe Carol stumbles upon the giant pile of money, and walt blows her to bits. The giant pile of money gets a ton of blood spilled on it, giving the double entender a more literal double intent. Walt gets a phone call from Hank ‘I know your name, Heisenberg’. Walt then checks his sports car and finds a bug that Hank planted.

    In Buried, Walt buries Carol, instead of burning her in hydrofluoric acid – which is now realized to be a two man job, and Walt doesn’t want Jessie to know he’s still killing innocent people. The double entdendre’s less literal endendre being Jessie is buried with guilt, hence the episode synopsis

    In Confessions , it could go several directions.
    1.Jessie could rat walt out to hank in the process of turning himself in. Either way Hank definetely has at least one scene with Jessie, which the two haven’t met in the same scene since 307 One Minute.
    2. Or it could be that Walt and Skylar spill the beans to Hank after they find out he finds out. Im pretty sure at this point that walt finds out hank found out at the end of 509. (This is the scene where walt is in his robe at night).

    Rabid Dog sounds like the second part to Problem Dog. Maybe Jessie’s Analogy of the problem dog was about Gale had to be put down because he was a problem. Morals are called into question as to maybe Jessie is a bad guy. If Gale was the problem dog, than Walt has certainly become the rabid dog. Instead of killing a dog after being stranded in the wilderness so you can eat and survive, that dog is now attacking you. Completely different scenario philosophical wise, but in both scenarios it is still a ‘Its either me or him’ scenario, which is a recurring theme throughout BB.

    To’Hajillee is apparently an indian reservation just outside New Mexico. It is also just the name of a city, complete with a high school of the same name. Couldn’t find anything interesting about it, But this isn’t the first time a BB title took on the name of a NM city. ABQ, Abuiqui

    Ozymandias, also the name of one of the Watchmen from Watchmen, is the 2nd BB title to reference a poem. Here’s wikipedia’s analysis of the poem: The central theme of “Ozymandias” is the inevitable decline of all leaders, and of the empires they build, however mighty in their own time. Pretty acurate for what will become of Heisenberg. He’ll make a big dent in the world and over time that dent will be buffed out. Remember Walt’s speech in 301 No Mas to the school in regards to the plane crash? Something along the lines of: Do you know what people do? They move on. They forget. This might be the point where Heisenberg’s reign crumbles. Lydia and Todd, the 2 newest contenders. Mike said Lydia couldn’t be trusted, and although I’ve seen no reason to believe that, I will follow Mike Ehrmantraut into the goddamn sun. When her value or loyalty is questioned, she steps up her game to radical levels that could potentially get everyone else in trouble. That is what Mike saw. As for Todd, the only one Walt could trust the formula to what Jessie, and Gale. Gale didn’t know that Walts life was on the line, but Todd is learning that recipe for self interest. He denies himself pay dirt until he masters the chemistry behind it all. Todd shows initiative , a businessman’s character trait. As a businessman he realizes its more important to know the chemistry than to get paid for doing it. He could actually end up surpassing Heisenberg’s 99.1% crystal blue with the new product, 99.4% crystal green. I always wanted the meth to be green. Todd fully takes over. He arranges for Lydia’s death. Lydia begs with him to dispose of her body so her kid can never see her dead lifeless body (like she pleaded to Mike in 502 Madrigal). That’s her #1 fear. Todd says ‘dont worry’. He takes his pet tarantula and shoves it down Lydia’s throat, then proceeds to use the hydrofluoric acid. Walt and Jessie are next on the hit list. Walt uses a small chunk of his giant stack to buy Saul’s ‘clean slate’.

    Granite state will definetely be the catch up point to the flash forward without a doubt. The fan speculation originally thought the title would be Fifty Two. He will use the ‘clean slate’ new identites that Saul presented him in Season 4. That’s not debatable. What’s debatable is who he’ll take. He is seen alone, but that’s because he’s returning from new hampshire to new mexico. He could’ve left whoever he took so they’d be safe. Somewhat redeeming quality. The clean slate gives his entire family new identities. But the guy that’s doing the clean slate doesn’t care who’s with him, so he could take people outside the family with him instead, as long as he has the cash and he definetely has the cash.

    My bet is that he takes Jessie, just because Walt and Jessie both have seemed to be growing their facial hair out more than usual. That could add to the disguise. The second person I think he takes is Holly. Holly’s new identity will change her name to Felina. Previously, Skylar is poisoned with the Ricin at about episode 513 or 514, maybe by walt or maybe by Todd at Lydia’s request, or maybe Skylar commits suicide with it, and Walt Jr. is killed with the foreshadowing of him using opposite feet to pump the accelerator and the brake (which my aunt does) [but it will actually be a staged death to make it look like that’s what happened, and Walt rewires the handicapped designed steering wheel with his science.

    So that leaves Walt, Jessie, and Holly (now Felina) on a cross country road trip to new Hampshire. By Walt’s age 52, Holly (Felina) will be around 1yr 6mo. , so still not able to talk so any bald brat will do. Walt takes Felina to the science museum in New Hampshire where the two might stumble upon a display of the original Heisenberg.

    Now my speculated Finale

    Previously before where the flash forward begins, I thought Walt actually mixed his ricin into the denny’s breakfast just before he made the bacon into a 52. Or maybe the cancer pills he shoves down his throat actually had the ricin. But I’m now erasing these fan theories for the one that follows.

    First off, Walt doesn’t have cancer. He’s using the prescription medication as an alibi that the ‘clean slate’ guy gave him to go along with his new identity. He is using them just to keep up the appearance. Now about the machine gun he just bought. Here’s the twist.

    The twist is, he doesn’t even use the machine gun. A bit anticlimactic, but just wait. He plants it into Todd’s trunk of his car and then calls Hank to give him a tip off. The illegal firearm is enough to bring Todd in, who recently escaped the law do to Saul (reluctantly) helping him out (to save Saul’s own skin. Saul’s only in it for Saul!). The machine gun is placed into evidence and Todd awaits his trial in prison. The DEA is very excited and hopeful that Todd will spill the beans on Walt’s hideout. He does and informs them that Walt was probably the very guy that framed him. Now that he’s back in town, Hank goes to Walt’s house to scope the area.

    Walt’s second stop is Hank’s. He takes Holly Felina out of the car seat. Hank sees Walt but doesen’t see Holly and tackles him. Hank sees Holly slip out of Walt’s arms and into the pool. Hank stops beating Walt and dives in to save Holly. He emerges and is dumbfounded to find the pink teddy bear wrapped in holly’s pink blanket. A diversion!

    Walt: Just let me get one thing, Hank. Its almost over. Just let me see Scarface one more time. Hank says no and runs him in.

    Walt gets thrown in the slammer, the exact jail that all the neo nazis are residing in that did the killings in 508. Walt hangs out with them for the next few weeks, gets to know them. He uses the gambling that Skylar made him learn as an alibi in 404 bullet points to gamble and when all of their cigarettes. He then is the kingpin of the prison. He pays all of them in cigarettes to do his dirty work or to just give him extra jello at lunch. There ends up being a big giant stack of cigarettes in his cell that is a mirror image of his giant pile of money from 508. It makes the audience laugh. Two weeks later, the security guards are stunned to find all the prison inmates are oddly enough just falling to the floor dropping like flies, a mirror image scene to ep 410 Salud when Gus poisons the cartel. It is revealed in a flashback that Walt smuggled a butt load of ricin into the machine gun cartridge and barrel (just so he wouldn’t have to stick it up his ass!), which is now in the evidence lab of the jail, and that Walt paid off the evidence surveyors what money he had left to smuggle it back to him. He then used the ricin to poison everyone’s cigarettes. Now Jessie is safe to come out of hiding and rekindle with his girlfriend whose name escapes me and Brock. As Walt’s final redeeming mission is complete, and during which all of the prisoners are falling to the floor, Walt looks on with that Heisenberg grin on his face. He pulls out a cigarette from one of the cartridges on the giant stack (*yes there’s ricin in his too, using it for suicide). He lites it.

    As he watches everyone dying, he recites Gliding Over all, bust instead of ‘many deaths i will sing’, he changes the lyrics to past tense ‘Many deaths i have sung.’ He lays down on his mattress as the audience can still here the commotion outside his cell. As he inhales his ricin cigarette, a fly begins to buzz around and eventually lands on his face. [Fade to Black. The end.]

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    • says

      That’s quite detailed! I really do hope you’re not the guy who stole Cranston’s script, because this seems like a pretty good theory. :p I like the fly landing on Walt’s face at the end!

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      • ethan says

        thanks! The reason it is detailed is this is all I’ve been thinking about since the last half ended, and I’m gonna try to be a graphic novel writer illustrator so I have to practice with fan theories and stuff like this, but if they don’t use my poison the cigarettes ending I am totally gonna update that for one of my comic books. I’m still wondering if I should just let Hank and Marie adopt Holly and Walt Jr. or if I should kill off Holly and Walt. I really think the pink teddy bear in the pool is foreshadowing Holly’s death since her color is associated with pink. Either that or Pinkman.

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