BREAKING BAD Casts Laura Fraser In Important Season 5 Role


Scottish actress Laura Fraser (Neverwhere) will play in Walter White’s new kingdom in the upcoming fifth season of Breaking Bad.

Fraser will enter the fray in the second episode of the new season, entitled “Madrigal“.

Per, Fraser will play an “important” character called Lydia who is a former associate of the departed Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). She’s described as a vital cog in the developments of season 5, as well as someone who is “nervous about her place in the world.”

With Walter having defeated Gus, I think everyone in his vacinity is nervous about their place in the world — Saul and Mike included. It sounds like Walt will make her an offer she dare not refuse? Or will she end up being a threat to Walt’s empire?

Fraser isn’t the only new character to hold court with Walt; Friday Night LightsJesse Plemons has been cast as Todd, a “working class” guy who’s not quite what he seems.

Season 5 hails the king July 15 on AMC

Watch the Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailer — Timebomb


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