BREAKING BAD: Anna Gun Talks 2-Part Final Season Arc: ‘It’s Bigger, Badder, Bloodier..’


If recent promos are anything to go by, Skyler will have a larger role to play in the ‘final season’ of Breaking Bad.

In a new interview, Anna Gunn talks about her character’s journey from good wife to corrupted sidekick and how the two-part final season affects the remainder of the story arc.

AMC are billing Bad‘s final 16 episodes as a two-part ‘final season’. The first 8 episodes get underway July 15, with the concluding 8 slated to film winter 2013. In an interview with the, Gunn spoke about how the 2-part final chapter impacts the story arc, given that the show usually builds momentum before things start happening very fast towards the second half of the season. She said:

“I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty rapid rise this time the whole way. It starts off really strong and it doesn’t ramp up. It just goes at full tilt from the get-go. It’s bigger, badder, bloodier, funnier, darker. Every time you think they’ve maybe reached the peak, there’s more. And that’s what’s really amazing about our writers and Vince Gilligan. It always astonishes me.”

On the matter of Walter’s transformation from good guy to meth monstrosity, Gunn admits that Skyler isn’t far removed from her hubby’s flaws:

“When Walt gets sick all of [her own dreams go] out the door and she goes back to work as an accountant to try to bring in some money. When she decides to stay – she’s not going to run away with the kids, and she’s not going to turn Walt into the police – she’s such a practical survivalist that she thinks, if I’m staying, I’m gonna make it work.

“… I think the fact that her mind is so quick and so fast and she’s able to make up those kinds of stories and those kinds of lies. And she’s able to juggle the money. It makes sense that those two people are together. I think their minds are what drew them together first and foremost.”

Gunn also tackled the question of whether Hank could go a similar corrupted way as Skyler, perhaps working with her and Walt in the meth game? Gunn doesn’t think so, at least not so far:

“I think the man is so dedicated to his job and it’s so important to him to find out who the criminal really is. He does not seem corruptible to me at this point. I suppose anything could happen.”

As for a Breaking Bad movie — a possibility recently flagged by Bryan Cranston — Gunn is game for Bad on the big screen, saying she can “absolutely see that happening. But who knows?”

Source: TheWrap

Breaking Bad continues July 15 on AMC.

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