BREAKING BAD: Walter White’s Hitlist – Victims & Next Targets


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Walter White…honorable chemistry teacher, loving father and husband…has come a long way distancing himself from all these qualities of a decent life through the course of Breaking Bad; The amazing story of the transformation of an ordinary ‘underdog’ to one of the biggest drug lords in the game.

On his quest to reclaim the lost power and control over his life, Walt has sacrificed many values, most of which he’d built his dignity upon…From deceit and lies, to murder, manipulation and greed, he’s paved his way towards building his empire; An empire born and developed from condescension, terminal illness and dissatisfaction, you name it.

Yet despite all of his weaknesses, most of which originate from his former dignity, Walt has managed to come out the winner in this risky ‘hack n slash’ game so far. He’s removed each and every obstacle that he’s come across, through arguably devious methods.

With the Season 5 premiere closing in, we decided to take a look at some of Walt’s most notable victims throughout the past 4 seasons, whom he has directly/indirectly put Out of the game. Of course, the ripple effects of his decisions have caused tragedies, such as the famous Season 2 plane crash, or putting Bogdan out of business, but instead we’re going to focus on the elimination of ‘players’, who could have compromised his position as Heisenberg had they remained, deliberately or unintentionally caused by him:

1 – Emilio


He’s probably Walt’s first victim early in the game. When Jesse goes to sell their first batch to Krazy 8, the dealer, he’s accused of ratting out his former partner, Emilio, to the DEA. So the ‘first’ cousins, Emilio and Krazy 8 drive him to Walt’s lab-van in the desert and much to their misfortune, Emilio recognizes Walt from the DEA bust…

Elimination method:

Emilio dies as Walt traps him in the van while releasing a deadly phosphine gas, fooling them to think he was preparing the meth recipe. Later Walt and Jesse go through the trouble of dissolving his body in acid.

2 – Krazy 8


Same as Emilio, he suspects Jesse of having been turned and when Emilio recognizes Walt, things get ugly. Unlike his cousin he survives the gas and is kept restrained by Walt and Jesse in a basement…

Elimination method:

After several days of imprisonment, and Walt’s hesitation in killing him, it seems that they’ve reached a mutual understanding. While in fact, Krazy 8 is softening Walt in order to attack him with a piece of broken plate at first opportunity. Walt is disappointed that he trusted the guy and then strangles him with a wheel lock, while Krazy 8 is hopelessly thrusting the shard.

3 – Tuco Salamanca


Tuco was the volatile, insanely dangerous drug dealer that Walt and Jesse came across after eliminating Krazy 8. Tension built among them when he beat up Jesse pretty nastily on their first meeting, and then Walt scared the hell out of him by throwing mercury-grenades in his office.

Later, with the DEA coming after Tuco, he kidnaps Walt and Jesse to the desert in order to smuggle them as workers to his superlab in Mexico. When Walt and Jesse’s escape plan to poison him with ricin is revealed, thanks to Tio Salamanca, Tuco explodes in rage and prepares them for execution…

Elimination method:

He forces Walt and Jesse to dig their own graves, but they fight back, shoot him in the stomach and make a run for it. Hank pops up and saves the day by taking down Tuco in a shootout.

4 – Jane Margolis


Having taken out two of the large players in town, Walt and Jesse build their own drug turfs brick by brick through limited distribution. Meanwhile Jesse becomes intimate with his landlord, Jane, who’s into drug rehab, but eventually is pushed into drugs to empathize with him over the loss of his friend Combo.

When Jesse lets her in on his business with Walt, Jane pushes him to get his share so they can go away together based on a hallucinatory future plan! When Walt refuses to do so, Jane threatens to blackmail him…No loose ends left by Walt; that we know for sure.

Elimination method:

After finally giving in to their demand, Walt goes back to Jesse’s place to work things out, but finds him sleeping with Jane deep into overdose…He accidentally flips Jane which causes her to asphyxiate on her own vomit. Walt hesitates to save her, and then lets her die, which would of course help him ‘reclaim’ control over Jesse.

5 – The Cousins


Apparently Tuco had strong ties with the Juarez drug cartel. His death, witnessed by Hector Salamanca, caused the cartel to send two hitmen to take out Heisenberg; Tuco’s cousins. The two attempted to kill Walt in his house on one occasion but apparently Gus Fring saves his neck from their axe by sending them a short text message with the word “Pollos”.

Eventually, after negotiations with the cartel, in order to save his valuable asset (Walt) again, Gus offers them Hank, who had actually killed Tuco.

Elimination method:

After locating Hank in a parking lot, the cousins start an open shootout…but Mr. Fring is actually playing a long con; by calling Hank anonymously and warning him of the hitmen, he gambles on the possibility that either Hank would take out the two of them, or the cops will be notified of the cousins’ plan. Either way, the Juarez gang is screwed, and Gus takes one step closer to his domination…in a way things work themselves out for Walt.

Hank is shot twice, but considering how badass he truly is, he almost pins one of the cousins against another car, while taking out the other with a single bullet…If only they’d left their axe alone…The other cousin is killed from lethal injection in hospital by Mike, Gus’ trusted hitman.

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  1. Avatar of Roco says

    It’s amazing to think how many threats and obstacles Walt has survived. Is the only way down from here, or will he have his happy ending? I think the path is set, certainly according Gilligan’s comments for the final split-season, but who knows — what will constitute a happy ending for Walt when all is said and done?

    As for Walt’s most difficult elimination? I want to say Jane, I really do, but sadly, that was probably one of the easiest when all was said and done — both in the way the opportunity cosmically fell into his lap and his ability to let it happen. Gus was probably the most ingenious elimination, though dispatching Gale wasn’t exactly child’s play either!

    Like: Thumb up 1

    • Avatar of Aria Mohtadi H. says

      Couldn’t agree more.
      I think most of the pathways lead to his fall, but there’s always the element of surprise, maybe he’s destined to become the first villain ever to reach salvation!

      Him not saving Jane, was in my opinion a decision forged in a millisecond; but I think deep down he wanted to be rid of Jane, and have Jesse back on his side, or under his supervision.

      Yes, gradually his elimination methods turned from “Silly” and “immature” to “deadly” and “chilling”; as we witnessed in Gus’ take-out which could have killed the innocent Brock as well.

      Like: Thumb up 1

      • Avatar of Roco says

        “maybe he’s destined to become the first villain ever to reach salvation!”

        Yeah, he seems to have painted himself into a corner without any sign of an exit strategy, but perhaps he will end with some redeeming qualities?

        “gradually his elimination methods turned from “Silly” and “immature” to “deadly” and “chilling”; as we witnessed in Gus’ take-out which could have killed the innocent Brock as well.”

        “Chilling” is the right word. He’s certainly unleashed the beast over the course of his ‘breaking bad’ journey.

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