BREAKING BAD: 5.01 Live Free Or Die — Sneak Peek


The first Breaking Bad Season 5 sneak peek has arrived online.

Following the defeat of Gus Fring, “Live Free or Die” finds Walt in post-victory reflection. But is victory what he thought it would be, and has a ‘new’ central enemy emerged? Check out the clip below:

It’s interesting to note Walt’s reaction to the mention of Hank, but his reaction to Skyler’s ‘indifference’ is equally intriguing.

In a recent interview, Aaron Paul said that Walt doesn’t want to step off his path of self-destruction:

“It’s not like Gus’ face is being blown off over and over again — it’s just much heavier…. Walt’s been going down this dark rabbit hole for a very long time, and you see that he doesn’t want to come out of it.

Season 5 premieres Sunday, July 15 on AMC

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