BOARDWALK EMPIRE Boss: Nucky’s World’s Going To Change


Speaking at the TV Academy in North Hollywood on Thursday night, Boardwalk Empire executive producer and series creator Terence Winter teased details for the upcoming third season.

Important season 2 plot details mentioned below — continue at own discretion!

Winter confirmed the upcoming season would pick up “15 months in the future from the end of season two.” He also noted that Nucky Thompson’s world is going to change:

“It’s New Year’s Eve 1922, going into 1923. The world has changed quite a bit. Things have gotten quite a bit more violent as Prohibition has gone on and people are running out of liquor. Hence Nucky’s world’s going to change.”

Winter also said that the upcoming season will see an emergence of gangsters like Al Capone and plenty of “consequences and ramifications from what went on at the end of Season 2.”

Winter confirmed that the orphaned son of the dead Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), will remain a part of the series, while noting that the decision to kill Jimmy wasn’t done lightly:

“I knew eventually it would happen, I just didn’t know when. It wasn’t done for shock value, it was being honest. Unfortunately, we lost a great character.”

The third season of Boardwalk Empire is slated to begin this fall on HBO. Watch a teaser below:

Source: Deadline

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