BOARDWALK EMPIRE: Mark Wahlberg On Jimmy Controversy & Season 3 Time-frame


Mark Wahlberg has been speaking about the shocking end to Boardwalk Empire‘s second season and when fans can expect the third season to begin rolling.

Spoilers if you have yet to see Empire’s Season 2 finale!

On why Jimmy had to go:

“It’s such a fascinating world,” he said. “You could literally watch Al Capone become Al Capone. People are like, ‘How can you kill Jimmy?’ What people didn’t understand is that he’s really the only fictional character. None of the other guys could go.”

On the time-frame for Season 3:

“I think they may even start shooting in the next month or two and get right back on the air. [The cast are] still able to do their thing, and they’re all in a situation where they can continue to remind people that they’re the best actors out there. I mean, Michael Shannon is fantastic, Steven Buscemi, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

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