THE BLACKLIST: Unanswered Questions

the blacklist unanswered questions

Keep track of all the overarching questions and in-show answers from NBC’s The Blacklist with our handy guide. Will the show answer every major question it puts out into the wild? Let’s find out.

Note: “Unanswered Questions” are central mythology and/or character-related questions/mysteries spanning more than one episode.



1. Why does Reddington need Elizabeth Keen, exactly? He says that he chose her because of her father, but what specifically does he want from her? What can Lizzie give him that another fresh-faced FBI profiler can’t?

2. What is Red’s endgame? He’s prepared to barter his list to work with the FBI to achieve something, something “personal” that could also jeopardize the deal he made with Mr. Fitch’s people decades ago, but what is the source of his motivation?

3. Is Red Lizzie’s father? Lizzie outright asks him the question in “Anslo Garrick: Part 2,” to which he (after a long pause) denies being her father. Is telling the truth or is he lying to protect Liz or even himself?


4. The truth about Red’s family? Lizzie claims Red abandoned his family in 1990. However, FBI Dir. Diane Fowler claims to know what really happened to Red’s family on “that night” and asks whether he wants to know “the truth”. Red does, “more than anything in the world,” but kills her for being the mole and because “if you know what happened, then somebody else does too.” All of which suggests there’s much more to the story of Red ‘abandoning’ his family than initially meets the eye. It seems they may have been taken from him in some shape or form, and he doesn’t know exactly what happened. But what did happen to them?

the blacklist scar

5. Lizzie’s scar? The intrepid profiler has a scar on her right hand running down her wrist. It’s later revealed that Lizzie was in a fire when she was a girl. Upon seeing her old stuffed rabbit that was scorched by the fire, she looks at her scar, possibly suggesting that she received the scar in the fire. Is this the case? If not, how did she get the scar?

6. What’s the deal with the ‘Y-shaped’ pattern on Tom’s spy box resembling Lizzie’s scar? Is there a connection between the pattern and Lizzie’s scar, or is it just a coincidence?


7. Who killed Victor at Angel Station? Liz traces Tom’s gun to a top-secret file marked Angel Station, June 23, 2012. When she accidentally allows him to see the date, Tom reminds her this was when they spent the weekend in Boston for his “job interview”. However, the un-redacted case file suggests that during this time Tom killed Russian defector, Victor Forkin. Tom denies everything. Corporate terrorist Gina Zanetakos admits to being hired to kill Victor because her employer didn’t want him spilling secrets that would harm his business on the Russian border. Her employer? Reddington. But wait, Red denies everything – so what actually happened? Who actually killed Victor, and at whose behest?

8. Angel Station: Part II? Does Tom have ulterior reasons for wanting to take Liz back to Angel Station?

9. Who is the Farmer? Red tells the Stewmaker/Stanley a story about a  farmer who turns into a killer after his family is taken from him. Was this analogy about Stanley, or Red? If the latter, does it tie into his belief that Liz represents his second chance? Can he be redeemed?

blacklist woman in stewmaker's book

10. Who is the mysterious young woman in the photo? Red removes a photo of a young woman from the Stewmaker’s book of victims, before handing the book over Liz. The date on her photo (December, 1990) corresponds with the year Red apparently abandoned his daughter. Who is she? Why didn’t Red want Liz to see the picture? Was she related to Red, Liz – or both?


11. Red’s Adversary? Red’s assistant, Newton Phillips, questions why Red “wasted” access to classified networks (given to him by the NSA agent) on helping Liz, when he could have instead used it to make “the world tremble” and finally find their “adversary”. Interesting! Who is Red’s mysterious adversary, and why has Red seemingly yet to identify them?

12. What Happened In Kuwait..? What “unfortunate incident” involving Cooper happened in Kuwait that Red threatens to reveal?

the blacklist red's assistant

13. Burn The World Down? Red tells Liz that he understands Frederick Barnes because he was willing to “burn the world down” for someone he loves. Liz thinks he’s talking about her, but Red says she’s being “presumptuous”. We later see Red ‘burn down’ his old family home after briefly reminiscing about his daughter. Question is, who is driving Red’s motivation – Liz or his daughter? (assuming they’re not one in the same)


14. 3 Years? At his old family home, the height marker for Red’s daughter appears to stop at 3 years, possibly making her 26 years old today if we factor in 1990 as the time he apparently abandoned her. What happened to Red’s daughter from the age of 3? Was this the last time Red saw her? Would this rule Liz out as being Red’s daughter given that the numbers Red was given in “Wujing” match Megan Boone‘s birthday: 04-29-83 (making Liz 30 years old, if she’s the same age as her portrayer)? And how does Lucy Brooks factor into this equation?


15. Trying to Forget? Red buys and then blows up the house where he raised his family, because he spends every day “trying to forget what happened here.” No doubt this is tied to the mystery surrounding his wife and, perhaps especially, his daughter. Question is, what specifically happened in that house; what memories does he want to forget?

16. What Did Sam Want to Tell Lizzie? Lizzie’s adopted father wanted to tell her the truth before he died of cancer.

17. Why Didn’t Red Want Sam to tell Lizzie the Truth? Red regretfully kills Sam, seemingly to prevent him from telling Lizzie ‘the truth,’ and possibly to protect him from a slower, more painful death. Why did Red go to such lengths protect their secret?


18. What’s the deal with the scar on Sam’s hand? Is it the same as the scar on Lizzie’s hand and Tom’s box, or the result of his cancer?

the blacklist liz fire memory

19. The Fire? Liz goes through her adopted father’s belongings and discovers a stuffed bunny rabbit with scorch marks. This triggers haunting memories of a fire from her childhood, which brings her to tears. Her father later comforted her with the music box (“Ivan”), but what’s the significance of this event? Who started the fire? How did Liz escape the fire? Is this how she got the scar on her hand?


20. The Secret? Mr. Fitch tells Red: “we know what you have Red, and we know what will happen to it if you turn up dead,” in reference to the deal he made 20 years ago with the people Fitch represents. They’ve allowed Red to live in exchange for keeping their secret, which raises the question – what secret don’t they want Red to expose?

21. Was Newton the Interviewer? Tom claimed that Red’s assistant, Newton, was his interviewer for the Boston job interview. At the time it seemed as though Tom was trying to deflect suspicion from himself onto Red (which might still be the case). But with Newton later revealed as the mole who helped Garrick capture Red on behalf of Fitch, are we to believe that Newton was indeed the interviewer? If so, would this tie Tom to Fitch, exonerate him – or neither?


22. The Governance of Mr. Fitch? Turns out Mr. Fitch is a high-ranking government official. We know the people he represents don’t want Red letting their big secret out, but how does his role as a senior member of government factor into things? It’s worth noting that Fitch tells FBI Director Diane Fowler that her “asset” (aka Red) could be a threat to national security and “the effort to eliminate him was the work of a patriot” (aka Garrick aka Fitch and his people). Bigger picture clue?


23. Does Liz have a secret criminal background we don’t know about? After agreeing to go on an undercover mission to steal an effigy, Liz dodges the question of having criminal past and later claims to have made up the story about “Omaha.” Yet she displays an array of deceptive tricks during and after the mission. Does she have a criminal past but didn’t get caught, or is she just good with her hands – perhaps linking her to Red’s story about his daughter playing the piano on that apparently fateful Christmas day?


24. Was Red’s story about losing his family true? He tells Madeline Pratt a story from 20 years ago about coming home late one Christmas day to find that his family had been slaughtered. “All I saw was blood.” He uses the tragic story to manipulate Pratt but doesn’t say whether or not any of it was true. We know that ‘lost’ his family in seemingly tragic circumstances around 1990, but like the ‘Farmer’ story, it seems this tale could be about Red himself or a riff on what really happened. We wait to find out how much of it is true.


25. Red’s Effigy Stakes? We know that he likes artifacts, but he went to a lot of trouble to acquire the effigy from the Syrian Embassy/Madeline Pratt, but it’s not explained why.

26. Why doesn’t the DC Office want Cooper looking into Diane Fowler’s disappearance? What’s their deal? Can we assume Mr. Fitch is behind the desist order delivered by Special Agent Walter Gary Martin? If so, why? To prevent Cooper confirming that Red was behind Fowler’s disappearance? To protect the group’s own interests?

the blacklist 22 march 1987

27. What’s the significance of the date March 22, 1987? During the Swan Lake performance, Red sees a vision of a young ballet dancer (presumably his daughter). As revealed by the programme, the original performance took place on March 22, 1987 . Was this the last time Red saw his daughter perform?

28. Berlin? Tom’s employers – but who or what are they exactly?


29. What does ‘Berlin’ want with Red? Agent Tom reminds Jolene that he’s been on the Lizzie case for years and that, despite Berlin’s doubts, he’s done everything they’ve asked, including marrying her. He also says he could have killed Red when they met at the hospital, but Jolene reminds him that this wasn’t his mission. So, exactly what is Berlin’s endgame in relation to Reddington?

30. Why did Red support Liz financially without her knowledge? According to Agent Tom, Red not only kept tabs on Liz over the past 20 years, but he supported her financially by funneling money through her adoptive father Sam. This is paralleled by Red funding the ballet company to perform Swan Lake as a reminder of his (presumed) daughter’s performance.

31. Why doesn’t Red want Liz to know about Jolene? Is he afraid it will compromise him or their relationship somehow? Why the secrecy?

the blacklist cyprus agency #64

32. The Blacklist Numbers? With confirmation that the rankings on Red’s list have a grand design, what is the meaning behind the numerical composition of the list?

33. How did Red know about the music box that Lizzie’s father used to comfort her after the fire? Is this yet more evidence that he’s her father, or something else?

The Blacklist - Season 1

34. Tom’s key? What does it open?

35. Tom’s ‘Woman’? Who’s the woman in Tom’s real life Craig/Christopher mentioned? Girlfriend/partner?

36. Red’s Interest in Bobbit? What does Red want with Bobbit’s client list? Did Bobbit have something to do with the demise/disappearance of his family back in the day?



1. What is the Blacklist? A list of spies and criminals that Red has cultivated for over 20 years. (Pilot)

2. Why Lizzie? Red tells Lizzie that he chose her “because of your father”. It turns out Lizzie’s adopted father is dying of cancer, implying that 1. this changes things for Red, and 2. Red might be her real father. (“Wujing,” General Ludd”)

3. Who did Tom kill? He’s suspected of killing Russian “tourist” Victor Forkin who was apparently ready to defect to the US. (“The Courier”) However, corporate terrorist Gina Zanetakos later claims to be the killer at the behest of Red. (“Gina Zanetakos”)

4. Angel Station? The place where Tom and Liz spent the weekend in Boston, during which time Russian defector Victor Forkin was killed by 00Tom, or Gina Zanetakos, or someone (“The Courier”, “Gina Zanetakos”)


5. Are Tom and Red On Different Sides? Yes. Tom works for an entity (Berlin) trying to track Red, while Red has been monitoring Tom ever since he inserted himself into Liz’s life. (“General Ludd”, “Milton Bobbit”)

6. What’s the deal with Lizzie’s parents? Red reveals that Daddy Lizzie was a career criminal who abandoned her, and that her mother died of weakness and shame. It turns out he may have been talking about himself, as it’s revealed that Lizzie was adopted by Sam, a dear friend of Red’s who took her in as a single parent and loved her as his own. (“Pilot,” “General Ludd”)

7. Why is Lizzie so keen to adopt? Because she herself is adopted. (“General Ludd”)


8. How Does Red Know Lizzie’s father? Lizzie’s adopted father Sam is an old friend of Red’s. They both care deeply about Liz and hold a secret about her that Red doesn’t want her to know. (“General Ludd”)


9. 042983? Wujing gives Red an envelope containing these numbers as payment. Red later enters the numbers – which turn out to be a case file – into the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) where it coughs up details on a 30-year-old woman (born 7-5-1983) named Lucy Brooks. Red is moved upon seeing her. Fun fact: the numbers are also Megan Boone‘s birthday. (“General Ludd”)


10. Agent Ressler’s lost love? While undercover as ‘The Courier,’ Agent Ressler says that he’s “already lost the only thing in this world I’ve ever loved,” and that he has “nothing in this world except this job.” Ressler was referring to his former fiance, Audrey Bidwell, who left him because of his obsession with catching Red. (“Anslo Garrick: Part 1″)

11. The Painting? Red is mesmerized by the painting (which, as noted by Seriable reader Amy, is Rembrandts “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” one of the paintings stolen in the Gardner heist of 1990 – around about the time Red disappeared. It depicts the miracle of Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee). The reason for Red’s captivation is later inferred during a discussion with Ressler. He tells the agent that he’s motivated by the notion of setting sail and ‘standing at the helm of his own destiny’. The painting arguably captures his desire to survive the storm and enjoy another day filled with the pleasures of life (“Anslo Garrick: Part 1″)

12. Who is ‘The Apple Eating Man’? ‘TAEM,’ distinguished by his fondness for apples, installed spy cams in Liz and Tom’s house and secretly surveiled their every domestic move. Turns out he was working for to people Red made a deal with decades ago. (“Anslo Garrick: Part 2″)


13. Red’s Destination? After his meeting with Fitch (and killing Garrick), Red calls Liz to tell her that he’s going away for a while, but he’ll be there if she needs him. Red went on a mission of vengeance to find the people responsible for the incursion at the blacksite, which also led to the death of Luli, whose ashes he scattered at sea. (“The Good Samaritan Killer”)


14. The “Songbird” aka Mole who helped Garrick invade the black site/capture Red? The person responsible was none other than his trusted assistant, Newton Phillips. Newton claims “they” – presumably Mr. Fitch and his colleagues – threatened his family. Red mournfully, yet ruthlessly kills Newton (symbolically, at the spot where he scatters Luli’s ashes), as he did all the people Newton hired to help out with Red’s capture (except the banker, Henry). (“The Good Samaritan Killer”)


15. Who is the Major Mole? After discovering that Newton Phillips helped Garrick invade the FBI blacksite, Red believes he had help from the inside, “someone with far greater access.” The major mole appeared to be Agent Malik after Red’s tech guys found her signature on an shredded security document, however, Malik helps Red weed out the actual mole who turns out to be FBI Director Diane Fowler. She’s aware of Red’s relationship with Fitch and claims to have signed the security directive for his protection, but Red either doesn’t buy it or doesn’t care and kills her. (“The Alchemist,” “The Cyprus Agency”)

lucy brooks blacklist

16. Who is Lucy Brooks? Red enters the Wujing numbers into the Violent Criminals Apprehension Program, which coughs up details on a 30-year-old woman named Lucy Brooks (aka Jolene) – a spy who has previously encountered Red. She works for the same people as Tom and was assigned to track Red and remind Tom of his duties.

lucy brooks obituary

17. Why did Lucy Brooks fake her death? Red sees Lucy’s obituary in the newspaper, which reads: “Lucy Brooks was born in Dayton, Ohio and died June 9, 2013.” Red tells The Cowboy that Lucy faked her death to elude him, seemingly with the aid of The Alchemist. (“The Judge”)

18. What does Lucy Brooks/Jolene want with Tom? Lucy poses as substitute teacher “Jolene Parker” to get close to Tom. It’s revealed that Lucy and Tom work for the same people and she was sent to test his commitment to Liz, and hence the mission. (“The Judge”)

19. Is Tom telling the truth about who he is? Red was right, Tom isn’t who he claims to be. He’s an agent of some sort who was tasked with getting close to Liz. He works for the same people as Lucy/Jolene. (“The Judge”)

the blacklist lucy brooks age

20. Lucy Brooks Age Discrepancy? Lucy (aka Jolene Parker) is recorded as being 30 years old in the ViCAP database but 28 in the obituaries column of the newspaper (born September 22, 1985). This can be explained by the fact that she’s some kind of undercover agent. (“The Judge”)

21. Does the box containing fake passports and money belong to Tom or was it planted by Red? Tom confirms that the box is his during a heated conversation with Jolene. (“Mako Tanida”)

22. Who is Tom working for? The un-redacted Angel Station case implies that Tom is a “suspected US double agent” (“The Courier”). It’s later confirmed that Tom was assigned to fall in love with Liz (“The Judge”) and works for “Berlin,” which is presumably a group or codename. (“Mako Tanida”)

23. If Gina killed Victor as she claims, how did the gun that apparently killed him get into the box full of Tom-based mythology porn? Tom’s spy status and confirmation that the box does belong to him, suggests that he actually killed Victor and Gina took the hit for him to protect his cover. (“Mako Tanida”)

24. Can Audrey be trusted? Ressler’s ex-fiance is clean. Fate, or Red, brought her back into Ressler’s life before tragedy struck. (“Mako Tanida”)

25. Tom claims to have a job interview in Nebraska and flies out the next day, much to Lizzie’s chagrin. Is the “Nebraska” interview story legit? Most likely not, given the revelation that Tom is a spy. (“Mako Tanida”)

26. What’s the exact nature of Red’s connection with Lucy Brooks? Lucy/Jolene (Let’s call her JoLucy) is a spy working for “Berlin,” who previously evaded Red by faking her death. Red used certain blacklist cases  – The Stewmaker, who faked JoLucy’s death; Wujing, whose numbers revealed JoLucy’s new identity – to track JoLucy with a view to exposing more intel on Tom. (“Mako Tanida”)


27. Red’s Daughter? Red’s daughter was an aspiring ballet dancer who performed Swan Lake years ago at the Le Blanc School of Ballet.

Unanswered Questions: 36
Key Answers: 27

This list will continually evolve throughout the season to ensure accuracy and relevance – check back after each episode for updates, and feel free to share your thoughts/theories below.


  1. Avatar of Amandabeth says

    This doesn’t really count as a major question, but my serialized antennae started quivering when Red mentioned “I once had a bad experience in a hole deep in the ground”. It seems like the kind of thing they could slip in, and then come back to in a major way. What happened to him? Could it have anything to do with why a golden boy suddenly turned traitor/master criminal?

    Other non-major questions I’m keeping an eye out for: whatever happened to Red’s wife and daughter, and where was he for the four years after disappearing but before the leaks started showing up?

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    • Avatar of Roco says

      @belle – His comment about the deep hole stood out to me as well. I wondered how much stock to put in it, so glad you mentioned it!

      Good point about Red’s family and his whereabouts prior to handing himself over – worth keeping tabs on these strands to see how relevant they become as the series unravels.

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  2. says

    I felt the same way about her scar! I couldn’t believe my family didn’t notice the similarity of the designs. I am intrigued about the timelines in Liz’s life. Red was gone 20 years is, so if the very obvious conclusion that he is her dad, who is the “dad” that Red thought gave her the scar? Foster father? If her bio-mother died soon after Red’s disappearance, then she could believe that the people who raised her are her parents. I don’t know, but I am loving this show. And I would love to tell the person who chooses the music that they are a genius.

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  3. kilasol says

    Ok after watching episode 4. I am left wondering who is the women in the photo. And also was there a look? when red told his story right before doing what he did. (Didn’t want to spoil anything).

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  4. says

    I’m genuinely hoping that Red is Lizzie’s father! I doubt it now, though, since so many people are referring to him as her father. The writers probably did this for a reason, to get everyone’s hopes up. There are more options than him being her father. The two men could be brothers, and she is possibly the daughter of their sibling or…I don’t know. And the Brooks girl could also be his daughter. I want Liz/Red as father/daughter. It does get a little weird having to see people pair Elizabeth and Raymond as a romantic couple.

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  5. Dennis says

    It isn’t going to be as straight forward as Red being Lizzie’s father, but that seems inevitable. What I caught is Red calling her “Molly” when she interrupted the little counterfeiting session. That of course is Lucy Brooks first alias. I’d say that is projecting. So to make this a bigger lie (as Red proclaims about Lizzie’s life from day 1) would be that Lizzie is in fact Lucy Brooks. Red had their identities switched back in 1990. And probably he is her father.

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  6. Margie says

    Wow this show is incredible changing all the time wish it was on every night I am so confused now thought I had it all worked out but no, please keep making the series from adelaide south australia. Oh and I still think Lizzie and Red are family, Tom still not sure.

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  7. yac says

    I think Red is’nt lizzie’s father (toosimple). His wife and doughter were both killed (in the house he burned down) while he was not able to help them ,after 1990, shortly after his doughter’s 3rd birthday.(Red , free for many years,still remembers his doughter with pain in the age of 3) The scar on lizzie’s hand and red’s requests :”remember your father”, his interest in another young wooman of the same age (of Lizzie and of his child, if she would have survived), sugest that Red investigations led him to think Lizzie and her biological father were both present (maybe as relatives of family) when the murders took place, and that lizzie’s hand was cut ,trying to prevent the murders (maybe her real father was involved and maybe so was Lucy Brooks.). Red needs her to remember the event and maybe lead Red to her real father.if she will be able to recall the traumatic past.
    As a psichopat , he did not want Sam “to tell ” Lizzie, and thus plant fals memories in Lizzie’s head. He wants her real memories and profilng skills to lead him to the answers he seeks.

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  8. CPR says

    About that pesky mark on Liz’s wrist and the “TOM” box–that mark also appears on The Stewmaker’s left side. When he reviews all his taping and covering in the hotel room, he stretches, lifts his arms and reveals two scars on his left side…One the Y shape of the scar on Lizzie and the other the scar shape similar to those carved in kidnapped children (The Freelancer)–though it appears less defined in the center.

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  9. Shamrock1723 says

    Did anyone else notice Red’s parting comment to Lizzie about watching/keeping her eye on her husband? He is still not above suspicion…

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  10. will says

    I think Neela is the mole, and Alan Alda is CIA. Red left 20 years ago to work undercover for them, and when he went to the FBI, the CIA folks got nervous. Tom is the contigency plan to keep Red from turning on them. If Red acts up, Tom is in a position to hurt/kill Red’s daughter.

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    • says

      I think this could be true except alan Alda represents an illuminati type organization. Some group of very important business or false government type people that control the world. Red said you think the President, or pointing tot the capitol or White House, control things but in reality they are just figure heads that do not do anything at all. Indicating there is a larger new world order, sinister group. I think he was confiscated by these people because he was a genius for the good of their group and forced to leave his family behind. They are an evil group causing harm to his daughter and wife or family and he wants his revenge and to finally protect his daughter. He has power in some way, that Alan alda indicated. Thanks for letting me comment–love the show–watched it accidentally for 5 mins, could not stop watching that episode and have been obsessed ever since. Is is the writing or acting, or what, but it is a great show–can’t put it down.

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  11. says

    Considering some dialogues in particular along the series …

    (Chapter The Freelancer)

    Regarding the request of Harold Coope to request immunity Reddington

    FBI Director Diane: A condition .. bring someone who I know and I trust.
    Meera Malik, CIA.
    You can help navigate in international waters.

    (Chapter Anslo Garrick, Part 1)

    Harold Coope: We have credible intelligence that you’re targeted for assassination.
    Agent Margot Malik: My contacts at the CIA were sitting on an Egyptian sleeper cell.
    They incepted communication between them and an informant calle Wells.
    Red: Hilton Wells?
    Agent Margot Malik: You obviously know him.
    Red: You obviously don’t.
    Hilton Wells doesn’t speak with the Egyptians
    He hasn’t since he aligned himself with Mubarak during the Arab Spring.
    Agent Margot Malik: I can show you the transcripts.
    Red: With all due respect, if the intel were woth having, then I woud have it.

    (Chapter Anslo Garrick, Part 2)

    Keen:”You really think that Garrick had someone on the inside?

    Agent Margot Malik: “It’s possible.
    The only ono beyond suspicion is Ressler.
    Unless he used Garrick to shoot him in the leg, to cover his tracks.”

    … for me, the FBI snitch is “Agent Malik Margot”

    because if Ressler, Reddington I had known!

    (Chapter Anslo Garrick, Part 1)
    Red: I know a great many things about you, Donald.

    Margot Agent Malik, he wants to blame Ressler, because he knows that I always wanted to catch, it’s your best alibi

    About Tom, he works for Mr. Fitch, and as unknown to Reddington, is the father of Liz, the only way to protect her is to tell her husband is not her father, so asked to take care of him.

    About Harold Coope, breeds mistrust me, because if it were for him, Liz, I’d be dead, ordering her not to report to Ressler code.

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  12. Cynthia says

    I only caught part io one episode, The Stewmaker, when in Australia ( we don’t get the series until next year sometime here in NZ ) but one thing that struck me, having read lots of comments, was who ordered Lizzie to be caught and hurt by the Stewmaker? . Please forgive me if this has already been resolved.

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  13. Josh says

    Audrey Bidwell, Russlers ex Fiance, IS Lucy Brooks (the girl Red looked up in ViCapp). If you look at pics side by side depicting Bidwell and Brooks, there is a strong resemblence, but some differences that leave doubt. However, if you google search the actress that plays Bidwell- Emily Tremaine- you can see pics of her on IMDb that look exactly like the pic of Lucy Brooks. See here:

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    • Susan says

      You are so right!! I don’t think it coincidental they continue to use tidbits
      relative to the show’s actors. Maybe they intend them to be like subliminal
      messages, used to see if their viewers can figure this out. Maybe not.. just a thought.
      Either way, this is a great show! I live for Monday nights

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  14. says

    This episode we definitely genre more questions than answers, it was a stunning , extraordinary chapter. In my view , the most important chapter was advancing the next chapter , I say that ? … they speak of Assamble change DNA ! , if possible , this would be the answer that we would all be waiting , because it would undoubtedly answer the big question , such as Red Liz ‘s father , if both were supposedly investigated hard to give the bond that unites them, from the beginning of the season? . It is obvious that in the case of the FBI , in fact in chapter 10 , they identified that Red had been in place for their blood, they had a sample of both Red and Liz . To which if this change , manipulation of DNA , it is true , Red , could have used this possibility with very many prior to delivery , so even the FBI did not so far with this key between him and Liz .

    Conjecture, the next chapter will reveal it or not, as we have acostrumbrados , for that, I say again , I love this series so innovative !

    You think? I’d love to know what you think of my comment, I follow them daily since I found them on the net, the appointment is to see the online chapter, ( because I live in Argentina and here I give days later series ) , and then run to your website reading your comments and sign up in discussions

    Thanks for sharing space . Big kiss . @Romiluck

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  15. says

    I knew it! Meera was the mole!

    But I get the impression that he will not kill her, because considering that it could be the link between Mr. Fitch , he would be more advantageous for her to become an informant, and in turn report to him what he wants known .

    As we have seen throughout the series, and with this new chapter confirm once again the only gave the name of The Alchemist , because I needed that list of names this man did disappear , in my opinion doubt that Lucy is dead ( we as the public do not confirm this of course) and so used the FBI to come up with this list, and removed the doubt.

    Each name given is for their good, has something to do with its purposes , uses the FBI , CIA , and others to do the dirty work , is as said from the beginning of the series ” I’m a criminal , especially my is a lie ” , is a master manipulator .

    But on the other hand, if Lucy was a secret agent who works for ? , Why they are interested in Tom ? maybe it can be for people who spied Liz ‘s house , killed all someone had to take the post of that research , remember that one of chapter one of the protagonists watching Liz ‘s house , said “we know that no works to Reddighton , then for whom you work? ” whatever that maybe Lucy comes to discover.

    We know that Red kill all involved, but only gave the name of the account that received the silver Phillips Newton . But really did not know who they worked for , because I spied Liz .

    Now if Lucy is really a double agent , must have a very strong endorsement of the CIA , FBI, DOJ , otherwise Network and would have given her before (remember that he somehow ” found” by VICAP ) or daria with her now , maybe that is the only reason I ” momentarily ” Meera alive.

    Anyway , as I said before is one of my reviews, Cooper , do not build trust from the time he was ready to kill Liz , and I keep more my theory of mistrust by this phrase he said in this chapter , ” Well the DOJ disagrees . They’re satisfied it ‘s over ” , in reference to the comment of Liz” Reddington factotum believes there’s someone on the inside “, at some point your name will be blacklisted .

    Seguire pointing my comments , I love this product , thank you for the opportunity .

     Romiluck .

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  16. says

    Interestingly possible … viewing previous chapters again, I was struck by this detail.
    Photo of Tom FBI Finding home Zanetakos Gina ( Gina Zanetakos # 152 ) is very similar to the photo of one of the DNI Lizzy find at home. As he could not add the photo, is on the DNI who calls NEUMANN DIETER

    The shirt seems to be the same , looks more blue on off photo ID, but the V -neck collar match, like the haircut, glasses.
    Could then be true Reddington ‘s comment when he says in the same chapter, Lizzy , Gina is your lover?
    Gina could be found arm hugging him ?
    Serious picture shows that the DNI is really Tom ?
    If this document is real , it could be the other too?

    The money that was found along with passports , at the end of this chapter , Lizzy says that demonstrated that belonged to an account of Reddington .
    Which would make sense , when we hear that Gina tells the FBI that the person I worked for was Reddington , so we could deduce that she could have given him money to Tom for some reason , maybe I loan ?

    And if we imagine that Tom killed Victor because for some reason could not Gina , she shares the money payment or anything with Tom , and therefore guilt to cover , just because it was she who was to do , and the help tom , then to not blame herself autoincrimina as Reddigton tells Liz .

    In this way , money, dni , gina, tom , would have a similarity.

    Time will tell us whether this might be valid or conjecture of the many wonderful series this makes us think .

    Kiss . @ Romiluck

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  17. Kevin says

    I think now we know what the Blacklist is all about. Red had no intention of ever surfacing, but he only had one vulnerability: Lizzy. He surfaced to keep her safe and to figure out who is after him. ‘I think whoever killed his family and burned down his house is Berlin.
    Red rescued Lizzy from the fire, secretly had a friend raise her, and then realized Berlin found her.

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