FRINGE Digital Comic Goes Beyond The Web — Print Edition Coming


Beyond The Fringe is going beyond the web. That’s right Fringe fans, the sci-fi serial’s digital comic will be released in a collected print edition this September.

Jhonen Vasquez, who penned several installments of the 12-chapter comic series, said:

“I’m a huge fan of Fringe,” “So I kept my story pretty anchored to the show. I didn’t have characters flying around or becoming ninjas.”

The comic series is based on “what if” questions that mesh well with the serial’s storytelling structure, including Vasquez’s Nina-centric tale of her early days with Walter and William Bell, and Fringe star Joshua Jackson’s comic-book writing debut about Peter’s experiences in an alternate timeline.

While the stories in the comics are not necessarily canon to the show — which is to say that Fringe fans don’t need to read the comics to understand the show or its story arcs — Vasquez notes that the producers were indispensable in helping create this extended universe for the Fringe faithful.

“With them helping me avoid some things and [plant] other things, it just gives the fans something they can recognize…if they [look] that deeply. Which I know they do!”

This is another piece of feel-good news for Fringe fans, who in the space of a few days have been treated to an early Season 5 promo trailer, the announcement of the Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray, and news that the show’s Comic-Con panel will be held in Hall H — the Boom-Boom-Machine of exhibit halls (i.e the largest at the annual convention).

The other thing to note is that it possibly indicates that the digital comics has been a success, which is good news for those behind the comics and for fans hungry for additional content.

You can download digital issues of Beyond The Fringe here.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. matt says

    how does this work? I already have the print version of the Peter and the Machine story arc (which is the first three digital A stories). since there are only 3 other A stories and 6 B stories that makes 10 chapters? how are they going to get 12 into print from the digital comics? are they splitting up/reprinting peter and the machine or are they adding 2 stories or what?

    (and is the comic I have even part of this series? and if not, why the heck did they go ahead and print it if theyre going to reprint the story anyway?)

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    • matt says

      and the one I have says beyond the fringe #1 on it so, like i said, if it is part of this series which it would seem to be then where are they getting the rest of (two more) the stories to make twelve?

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