BEST OF FRINGE – Top 33 Moments (5 of 5)

BEST OF FRINGE - Top 33 Moments (5 of 5)
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Welcome to the fifth and final part in our BEST OF FRINGE series — counting down the top 33 character moments from five seasons of Fringe. And the top six scenes are..

Major plot spoilers for seasons 1-5 ahead.


EPISODE: 5.13 An Enemy Of Fate
MAJOR PLAYERS: Astrid, Walter
SCENE DESCRIPTION: In one last attempt to soothe Walter before their dangerous mission, Astrid shows him the ambered Gene.

  • An incredibly sweet moment between Walter and Astrid that perfectly shows what their relationship has turned into over the course of the show. They’ve grown to care a lot for each other, even in the new timeline. Walter even gets Astrid’s name right!

Astrid: “Walter, this is not the end. We’re gonna win this! And when we do, we’ll be drinking strawberry milkshakes in the lab and not even gonna remember that this happened.”

  • Astrid tells Walter that they’re going to “win this” and that they will live happily ever after as soon as the plan is finished. Walter knows that this can’t happen, but her words and her care for him still manage to comfort him. It’s this scene that made me really appreciate the chemistry between actors John Noble and Jasika Nicole. It’s sad that we won’t be seeing them together again, at least for a while.
  • The music that plays is Astrid’s theme, which has not been heard on the show since its introduction in Making Angels.

BEST OF FRINGE - Top 33 Moments (5 of 5)
EPISODE: 3.18 Bloodline
MAJOR PLAYERS: Fauxlivia, Alt. Lincoln, Henry Higgins
SCENE DESCRIPTION: After an accelerated pregnancy, Fauxlivia gives birth to little baby Henry. There is one issue: Fauxlivia might not make it through delivery.

  • Don’t we all love to love Fauxlivia, even more than we love to hate her? This episode, and this scene in particular, changed most of our opinions about the evil tempting viper.
  • Fauxlivia is worried that she might have a condition called VPE; the same condition that took the life of her sister and her unborn child. By accelerating the pregnancy (almost like in The Same Old Story), Walternate saves Fauxlivia’s life.
  • For a moment it seems like Faux really does die, and it’s probably that moment that made many of us realize that we actually care whether she lived or died. A cheap trick, maybe, but an effective one.

Fauxlivia: “Promise me that you will stay until this is over!”
Lincoln: “There’s no other place for me to be… I love you.”

  • What makes this scene so memorable is the relationship between Fauxlivia and Alternate Lincoln. Our Lincoln might have been a bit of a bore, but this one is a version most of the fans liked, and the series finale seemed to suggest that it’s Fauxlivia that made the difference between the two Lincs. Lincoln loves Olivia unconditionally and she clearly loves him back, although more as a brother than a lover.
  • Lincoln is right: it’s all about this moment. Fauxlivia names her son after the man who helped her through labor. A man she has never seen before – although he thinks he has met her.


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  1. willg says

    Jim thanks so much for doing this list. It was very good. Looking at you honorable mentions I think you right about all of them. I might have tried to squeeze the Olivia and Nina one in there but which would I take out. That must have been tough to compile this list. I would love to see you original 150 by the way. From you clue for #1 last time I was sure it was going to be Walter and Michael walking through the portal, but I think the Walter and Peter scene in the lab with the tape was better. Thanks again.

    Like: Thumb up 6

  2. willg says

    By the way that scene in Bloodline was a great one. It just reminded me of how great season three was and why it was my favorite. I did not mind the Faulivia pregnancy contrivance as much as others but Fringe dealt with it pretty well.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

    • Lincless says

      Well, that’s the only scene I really disagree with him (Jim).
      I thought the episode as a whole was a terribly chlichéd piece of television. And the “birth scene” was just the negative pinnacle of that. Nobody thought Altlivia would die, Lincoln declaring his “love” felt wooden and Baby Herny’s purpose still remains unknown.

      But apart from that: great list.

      Like: Thumb up 2

      • willg says

        One of baby Henry’s purposes was to activate the machine on the other side. Pretty important.

        Well-loved.: Thumb up 12

        • Lincless says

          Yeah, but that’s just the problem: There were many easier ways to activate the maschine with Peter’s DNA.
          I guess they didn’t throw the baby into the maschine, did they? That would be child abuse.

          Like: Thumb up 2

          • willg says

            Yeah, I just keep picturing the E trade baby hanging out with scientists and discussing the nuances of quantum mechanics. 😉

            Like: Thumb up 8

  3. Dan says

    First of all, excellent job, Jim. This was quite an undertaking for anyone to do. I’m sure I would have chosen a completely different set of scenes, but clearly this has a lot of subjectivity to it.

    I’d like to know your thoughts concerning scenes with Elizabeth. Did she lose points due to lack of appearances? I know you picked the one scene from ‘Peter,’ which definitely was a great one, but I always felt like scenes between her and Walter and her and Peter just had that extra something that made them incredible. The first time Peter sees Elizabeth in the kitchen in Over There, I remember thinking, ‘man I hope Elizabeth becomes integral to this story, because that was a really powerful scene.’ Unfortunately for me, that didn’t happen. I apologize, I know this is a more nitpicky thing, but I would be interested in your thoughts.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Her smaller role did have a bit to do with it, but I think it’s mostly because most of her scenes are about the same thing (the loss of Peter). Honestly, half of the scenes from “Peter” and “Subject 13″ could have been in the top 10, but I think that wouldn’t have been much fun… I tried to keep it as diverse as possible, covering all of the show’s strongest parts. :)
      I did want to include scenes like the one you mentioned and the one with Walter from ”Enemy Of My Enemy”, but I thought there were 33 other scenes that were better. 😉

      Like: Thumb up 0

      • Dan says

        Thanks Jim, I completely understand your reasoning. I can see how a top Fringe scenes with only a couple episodes being a boring read (though they were fantastic episodes haha). Keep up the good work.

        Like: Thumb up 0

  4. JWhitt87 says

    I would have loved to see Walter’s “Vagenda” rant on here as well as his breakdown over “delicious strawberry flavored death!”, but I loved what you did choose. Excellent work on this.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  5. callie says

    what a disappointment for the no. 1 favorite scene. it was touching, but not at all the top of the show.

    Like: Thumb up 1

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