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Best of Fringe
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Welcome to BEST OF FRINGE — counting down the top 33 character moments from five seasons of Fringe. With part 1 already released, continue reading for part 2  — and beware, major plot spoilers for Seasons 1-5 ahead!


EPISODE: 2.07 Of Human Action
MAJOR PLAYERS: Walter, Peter
SCENE DESCRIPTION: Walter enters Massive Dynamic for the first time. It brings back a lot of memories about William Bell and Elizabeth.

  • A short, but powerful scene with Walter and Peter. Walter had heard about Massive Dynamic (who hasn’t, right?) but had never actually been there before.
  • Entering the building brings back a lot of memories for the mad scientist. While Walter was in the mental institution, William formed one of the biggest companies in the world. This is touched upon in the show’s Pilot, but not really explored any further until now.

Walter: “It was her idea, you know? That Belly and I would one day form a company together. He just couldn’t wait, I suppose. But, thankfully, she was still there for you while I was gone…”

  • We learn that Walter and William had been planning to build Massive Dynamic for a long time, and that William had introduced Walter to Elizabeth, who would later become his wife.
  • With Elizabeth dead and Walter living under the care of his son, it certainly feels like William has been more successful at life. In Over There, Walter will make his anger toward William quite clear as he tells him he “robbed him of his memories, of his wife, of his son, of his past”…
  • In season 3, Walter actually gets to own the company. Nina Sharp calls him “a bit unorthodox”… but that’s why you should not do drugs.

EPISODE: 3.15 Subject 13
MAJOR PLAYERS: Peter, Olivia
SCENE DESCRIPTION: Peter meets Olivia in a white tulip field after she ran away. The two talk about their parents and comfort each other as it starts to snow.

Olivia: “How’d you know I would come here?”
Peter: “Because it’s the only drawing that looked happy. My name’s Peter.”
Olivia: “Mine’s Olivia.”

  • Peter and Olivia. The one true couple. Even at such a young age, both of them were broken. Peter was kidnapped from another universe, and Olivia spends her days getting beaten by her stepfather and being experimented on.
  • The two meet in a field of white tulips. In the episode White Tulip, Walter tells Alistair Peck that he has asked God for a sign of forgiveness, which the tulips represent. Tulips don’t usually grow this time of year, but God could make it happen if he wanted to.
  • Wish fulfillment is an important theme on the show, and it gets discussed in this scene as well. Peter tells Olivia “you gotta imagine how you want things to be, and then you can try and change them”. A few moments later, Olivia has cooled off and makes it snow. Peter and Olivia will not remember this moment when fate brings them together years later, but we will!
  • Karley Scott Collins (young Olivia) and Quinn Lord (young Peter before the recast) played Hansel and Gretel together on Once Upon A Time.


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  1. willg says

    Great list so far Jim. I really enjoyed the Newton character. He was definitely one of the character who left far too soon. I hope you have the scene on the list where Liv started ripping her clothes out of the closet and the sheets off her bed and then proceeded to the washer where she found Peter’s Northwestern shirt. Then she broke down in one of the best acted scenes I can remember on Fringe(or many other shows for that matter). I believe it was Marionette. Guess I will check back in to find out. Man I miss this show!

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    • scully8 says

      Willg, I totally agree with you–Olivia’s breakdown scene in her apartment, plus the scene (same episode) when she expresses her disappoinment and heartache to Peter “. . . it wasn’t me . . . ). The fallout from the Peter/Bolivia affair was done really well.

      Jim — I’m loving all of your choices so far. Can’t wait for the next batch.

      Like: Thumb up 7

      • willg says

        Definitely Scully8, that whole fallout thing was really good. Pretty much all of season three was it for me. Loved it and so still miss this show. :(

        Like: Thumb up 4

      • Jim says

        Thank you! Love to hear about your favourite scenes. 😀 The last scene from Marionette is mentioned in part three! I’m afraid Olivia’s breakdown scene won’t come up, but I did give Anna credit for her acting in the entire episode though. 😉

        Like: Thumb up 4

  2. SissySiri says

    Reading these scenes sure makes me miss, the “team.”

    Maybe we shouldn’t comment on our favorite scenes, but the one where Olivia was seeing Peter while she was trapped in the Amberverse and she was sitting in the bedroom and she thought she saw him and they kissed. Wow, that was a rewind, play, rewind, play, rewind, play scene.

    Like: Thumb up 5

    • willg says

      Ditto. That and the whole liv dreaming about Peter and her getting freaky with the blue light background in season four and then waking up to Peter calling her. Her reaction was priceless.

      Like: Thumb up 5

      • MLW says

        *I meant to address my question to SissySiri because I DO remember the blue sex scene. I’ll never forget that. lol.

        I’m guessing SissySiri is referring to S3 when Olivia was trapped in the redverse and not the amberverse.

        Like: Thumb up 2

  3. MLW says

    I’m really enjoying reading these. Loved how you described Olivia and Peter meeting as children. I just love their relationship.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  4. _lost_stef_ says


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      • _lost_stef_ says

        I haven’t started reading it yet, i will be doing that this weekend!! but the art work is amazing the whole thing is just plain awesome. Once I read ill let you know what I think, but there is loads of info so I know I will get some new info 😀

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  5. mlj102 says

    I was really excited to see a Best of Fringe being featured on Seriable – I have missed Fringe since it ended and there hasn’t been enough focus on it since the finale. So far there have been some great scenes being featured, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final highlights, as well.

    One observation to add towards your comments about the scene in the hospital in A New Day and the significance of the greek phrase: “Be a better man than your father” was also the phrase Olivia concentrated on trying to “type” on the typewriter with her mind when she was trying to use her abilities so she would be able to turn off the machine so Peter could enter it.

    I really appreciated the way they incorporated this phrase into the whole show. It easily could have been a one time occurrence with no additional meaning or significance, but it makes all the times it was used that much more relevant and powerful because of how they continued to use it in the story of the show. It’s those subtle things that make I love about Fringe. I love how it came to have special meaning between Peter and Olivia as the show progressed. Next to the white tulip, I think this phrase has the most significance for our characters and what it means to them is also incorporated in part of the larger themes the show highlighted.

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