Behind The Curtain: Damon Lindelof On JJ. Abrams, LOST, Serialized TV & More

Damon Lindelof


“If this gets picked up, you’re going to run this thing, right? And I said, “Sure JJ, I’ll run it”. Now, in reality that was him very clearly expressing to me that was his intention.” – Damon Lindelof.

If you’re a LOST fan, you’ve probably heard the one about when Damon met JJ, how together they conceived LOST, and the rest is history. Well, you’ve probably never heard the story quite as extensively as its told in this interview.

In this peek behind the curtain with Kevin Pollack, LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof talks about his time before, during and after LOST – including the ideas that made the show a sustainable serialized vehicle, why they decided against killing Jack in the pilot, his ‘feud’ with Game Of Thrones author George RR. Martin, and much more. (approx 2hrs 45 mins).

“JJ. was talking about the island. And the first thing that came out of his mouth was, this island that they crash on has got to be really mysterious, and it will be a discovery show, and the things that they find on this island are gonna be what drives the intrigue.

via: Kevin Pollack Chat Show

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  1. matt says

    “the things that they find on this island are gonna be what drives the intrigue”

    …sooooo, what happened at the end there?…

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