BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: David Conrad & Six More Cast In Near-Future NBC Pilot


David Conrad, Tovah FeldshuhAndrea Parker, Jud TylorMegalyn EchikunwokeMadisen Beaty and Cody Christian have joined the cast of NBC‘s high-concept Beautiful People.

David Conrad Beautiful People NBCWritten by Michael McDonald, Beautiful People is set in the near-future where humans co-exist with human-looking robots who are treated like second-class citizens. The drama centers on the very wealthy Lydia (Frances Conroy), whose late husband founded the firm that makes Mechanicals.

Conrad will play Jerry — head of Universal Kinematics — an entrepreneurial genius and expert at top-level design and marketing of sophisticated Mechanical servants. Feldshuh will play the head of the Mechanical Control Division of the police department who is hell-bent on keeping them an oppressed underclass.

Parker will play the wealthy Roberta, whose life is flipped upside down when her defiant teen daughter (Beaty) starts a romance with a Mechanical boy (Christian), the son of Lydia’s Mechanical servant David (Patrick Heusinger) and his wife Susan (Tylor). Echikunwoke will play the boss of Lydia’s other son, attorney Gregory (James Murray).

NBC are certainly making some high-concept moves (with Awake and Revolution also promising the world), let’s hope they can deliver the goods.

Source: Deadline

Top image credit: Blade Runner, Warner Bros. Pictures.

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