AWAKE: Unlikely To Continue On Another Network, Says Creator


Awake creator Kyle Killen says he has no plans to take the canceled NBC series anywhere else.

The cancelation of the intriguing dual-reality drama Awake, had fans hoping that the story might continue elsewhere after this week’s finale. However, speaking on Twitter, Killen said that while he’s ‘up’ for continuing the story, the show will end after one season on NBC, barring an incredible ratings spike:

“no, don’t see us taking awake anywhere else [..] I’m ‘up’ but it’s so much more difficult than people imagine. in this case, barring an INCREDIBLE rating spike the chances are 0.”

Unfortunately, that incredible ratings spike didn’t materialize for last Thursday’s penultimate installment (which tied the series low 0.7 in the ad-coveted demo). As for whether the finale will provide fans with satisfying closure, Killen said:

“Yes, the season finale is a really satisfying way to go out. our best EP + [“That’s Not My Penguin”]”

It’s going to be interesting to see where and how the story ends. It will also provide an indication of just how much ongoing story potential was left in the tank. At this stage it feels like there will be a lot of closure, which can be seen as a good thing if the show has no chance of continuing.

At the same time, it will be sad to let go of Michael Britten’s realities — while there was perhaps too much procedural focus for some viewers, the show was arguably world building while cooking up more serial for later. It’s worth remembering that Person Of Interest didn’t crack the serial-procedural formula until later on in its first season run.

Awake Season finale, Thursday, May 24 at 10pm on NBC.

Source: @killen8 | Harry L.

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  1. Bernadette says

    “It’s worth remembering that Person Of Interest didn’t crack the serial-procedural formula until later on in its first season run.”

    PoI had 22 episodes. With only 13 episodes for Awake, they shouldn’t have dragged it out so long.

    Looking at the serialized show that have been cancelled this year (e.g. Awake, Alcatraz, Terra Nova), they all had that in common–too slow mythology development for a 13-episode season to grab viewers to stay on. A better/faster pace is expected when the season is shorter.

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    • says

      Bernadette – I agree. For seriables with just 13 episodes, it’s even more imperative that each episode develops the central story/mythology in some meaningful way.

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  2. Pat says

    Does anyone this that if this show had been on AMC or FX to begin with instead of NBC it would have been much better off?

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