AWAKE: Laura Allen Teases ‘Oregon’, Flashbacks & Michael’s Tailspin


Ahead of tonight’s fifth installment of Awake, Laura Allen explains why Michael and Hannah’s relationship is tested, and teases what’s coming up in the dual-reality drama.

On tonight’s episode (“Oregon”), in which Hannah is thinking about moving:

Hannah is taking the initiative and applying to law school, and Oregon is what she’s got her eyes on. She goes up there and walks around the campus, while Dr. Lee poses a really challenging question to Michael: “Most marriages don’t survive a loss of a child. Do you know that Hannah is really just wanting to move to Oregon, or does she want to leave you?” I think its something he’s been in denial about, so he grows uncertain and insecure about the relationship.

On the end scene from the pilot, where Hannah whispers to Michael, “tell him I love him.” Will the possibility of Hannah accepting what Michael is experiencing be explored further:

There’s a rift in their relationship because he tries to present her with this dreamscape that he’s got about Rex, and all this new information that he gains in what she thinks is his sleep. It is really discouraging for her that he’s not moving forward, that they’re on completely different timetables in their grieving process. And yet at the end of the pilot – maybe it’s that “beta” zone you go into when you’re falling asleep — she wants to suspend disbelief and say, “All right, if you do see him in your dreams, give him this message, because I can’t.” I like to think she’s not all practical, that she has an open mind to some degree that there’s communication he can have with Rex. But no, it’s not further explored.

On whether there will be flashbacks with Hannah and Rex together:

[There] will. We kept saying to Dylan [Minette, who plays Rex], “You’re growing up – how are they going to do flashbacks?” He’s getting taller every day. [Laughs] But we do get to do a little bit of flashback.

On what to look out for as the story progresses:

Michael starts to doubt his own sanity. He goes into a bit of a tailspin as the season progresses. Everybody’s questioning — especially his therapists — how can he keep one dream world going and progress in the other, and he starts to lose his mind a bit.

Source: TV Line

Awakes airs Thursdays @ 10PM on NBC

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