AWAKE FINALE: Creator Talks Game-Changing Finale, Season 2 Continuation?


When they promised we’d be holding our breath at the climax to Awake‘s first season, they weren’t joking. But what did it all mean?

We’ll be sharing our take on the Awake finale a but later, but here’s what the show’s creator Kyle Killen had to say about last night’s roller-coaster of a conclusion, and the chances of a second season, during a web chat with EW:

On the possibility of moving the show elsewhere (NBC have already canceled it):

“We’re open to another home for the show but the chances are extraordinarily remote, so it’s probably best to think of and enjoy it as a miniseries.”

On whether the ending was changed due to cancelation:

“The ending you see is the ending we intended for the first season before it even began. It wasn’t hastily slapped together in response to cancelation. It had been shot long before cancelation. There are no other endings. This was it.”

On whether the finale was written as a possible series finale:

“We knew it was a possibility, but this is how we wanted to leave the first season regardless.”

On their approach to the show and how to interpret what happened:

“If your question is simply “Which is real?” I can’t help you. We didn’t approach the show that way. It was about a man living two lives, not a man trying to figure out which was real and which wasn’t. We have our own answers, but really prefer to leave it open for interpretation and debate.”

On whether they had any ideas on where the story could have gone in Season 2:

“We did. We had to at least convince the network we had some idea what we’d do in the first episode of season 2 before they’d let us do this finale.”

Other tidbits:

  • Miguel Sapochnic directed the finale.
  • Killen doesn’t appear to hold any ill feeling towards NBC for canceling the show, saying: “We were happy they let us do it and pleased with how the finale came out.”
  • Confirms the intention behind “Turtles All The Way Down“.
  • Intimates that Britten did indeed create a new reality at the end.

We’ll have more Awake finale coverage later. In the meantime, if you haven’t rated the finale yet, feel free to do so here!

Source: EW

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