AWAKE: How Did You Rate The Finale?

Awake - Season 1

It’s the end of Michael Britten’s worlds as we know it, as the first and (most probably) only season of Awake comes to a close. But how did you rate the finale?

What did you think of the Awake Season 1 finale?

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  1. Rick Terry says

    6 stars; I’m not usually a fan of the whole “He was dreaming all along” ending, but in the case of this show since it was cancelled, I think it fits well. I had a feeling it was gonna be either that or he was really the dead one and not his wife/son.

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  2. DJ says

    Main reason the ending sucked: makes the whole entire series just seem like a giant waste of time in retrospect. I really loved this show, but the greatest part was how it had such a great emotional impact on the viewer to watch Britton struggle to make sense and deal with his own personal tragedy.

    The fact that BOTH realities were dreams means… lol… THE WHOLE show did NOT actaully happen, so all all the thrills, chills, and genuine touching moments were figments of his imagination. Just think about it. If the show began with: A man has a DREAM about two different realities where he lost a different loved one in each… what would you think? you’d say: who cares it’s a bloody dream!!!! aka not real. aka does not matter what happens.

    The greatest thing about the show was how it took us on an emotional roller coaster watching Britton coping with a great tragedy. TO make the whole thing into a dream just makes the show not worth remembering. All the joy and grief we felt during the show was wasted as NONE of it actually happened.

    Sucha joke. Wish they just manned up & picked one instead of copping out. Makes me wonder what was the point of the whole series as NONE of it was real!!!!!

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    • Rick Terry says

      I look at it as if he got a second chance. I have a feeling he actually woke up just before piling his family into the death car. He can take what he learned from his dream, and still take down the b!tch in charge, while not having any personal tragedy. Not to mention he gets to really love his family more than he probably ever did before his dream.

      Now to blow your mind; Whats to say that the ending scene wasn’t actually the dream? I think it was actually the best they could have done with the dream ending, and this is coming from someone who hates dream endings probably as much as you.

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    • Page 48 says

      I sure can’t. A finale like that should come with an owner’s manual. BUT, I’ve already moved on.

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    • Rick Terry says

      I think it is left up to your personal interpretation. I personally think he was given a gift of a second chance, having a premonition of two possible outcomes of his very near future. I think this was the morning that he lost either his wife or son, so he now knows to take a different route. He also has the pre knowledge of all the crud going on in his department and can now take out the bad guys without them catching on like they did when they just thought he was crazy.

      I read a theory on another site that said that this could be a third reality, and that it has to do with the serial killer from earlier, and that they both live out of time. The series could have went the route of Fringe and have him chasing a big bad through time and space, and bending realities. But as fun as that sounds, I think my interpretation is more correct. But after all I could be biased a bit.

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  3. Robert says

    I’m surprised at how many people thought the ending was “just a dream.” That’s DEFINITELY not in line with the narrative, nor what any of the people involved with the show have been suggesting in interviews.

    The show’s about a guy who’s essentially skitzophrenic, so obviously the new reality is a new hallucination. Not to mention that we have been told (and the creator still stands by this statement, as of one-hour to the premiere of the finale) that one of the realities isn’t real.

    Obviously, the merging of the worlds was supposed to be a new “game-changer” to head into Season 2 with (as they have stated repeatedly that they knew how they were going to end Season 1 before the show even premiered).

    Lastly, the creator has mentioned that a revelation in the finale suggests which one of the worlds is fake, although that’s not necessarily the “final” answer (source: Entertainment Weekly, but you’ll find a gazillion articles saying the same thing if you google it), as they planned on continuing the show.

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    • Rob says

      How can you say that it wasn’t all a dream, he woke up to his wife and kid being in the same reality. This was the opposite to the whole premise of the show. This is explained in every single opening credit. “I’m awake with my son, then I’m awake with my wife”. What a terrible ending to a fantastic idea.

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  4. Termostat says

    What if it would have been like groundhog’s day… he failed to catch everyone in both realities and has to try again… in his 2nd chance he might not get a car accident (he knows what’s coming), but something else that still breaks his family, maybe in another way…

    Guess we’ll never know…

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  5. Dillon says

    Why do people keep saying that none of it was real, it all happened to him in dream state or not. I think both states are one and he made up the fact that they were dead and made up all the surrounding info to believe his wife was dead in one and his son in another. I like to bring up the episode where he kept seeing Byrd’s new partner which is like the entire series, his subconscious won’t let him see the entire reality until he believes the truth, because what his captain(what a scumbag) was doing was not right and he needed to correct it.

    He went through a traumatic event, maybe they want us to think that his subconscious believed that they were tying to kill him the whole time, the split in reality was to save himself from trauma and to get him to figure out the truth. He is not crazy or abmnormal in clinical terms, he just needed all these clues and things from both paths (some of the random clues that helped him solve cases in one reality taken from another) He was thrown into these two paths to help him, not to hurt him or hide the truth from him. Like someone with PTSD or someone who was abused, he made room for himself to experience joy while avoiding the negative(That someone is trying to kill him or his family); i guess this was the only way he could do it. Yes no one died in the crash, but the knowledge that another cop was trying to kill him was too much to handle and so he was avoiding it but deep down, his mind was busy trying to tell him the truth with all these clues and such.

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  6. SteveR says

    Awake episode 113 –Awake finale was awful! What a crappy ending to the series! Total cop-out to say that both red and green were all just an elaborate bad dream. Then Michael gets to go to third “reality” where both wife and son are alive. Extreme let down for the audience.

    It would have been a lot more powerful to say that all three “realities” were fantasies and that in the “real” world both wife and son are dead (either through accident or homicide)and that Michael is all alone and cannot deal with his grief so he creates these detailed dreams.

    If this happy ending/ happy family is what Killen and the writers intended all along, then I’m not surprised that the series was cancelled. Only good thing about Awake was Jason Isaacs amazing acting.

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  7. Rob says

    The season was amazing, had so man possibilities…. Then that finale, what a let down. As a viewer I was struggling along with everyone else to figure out which reality was the real one. As a writer if you make the ending “It was all a dream” I dont think you should call yourself a writer. What a disappointment, cheapened the whole season.

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  8. ~Angst~ says

    Great series, but TERRIBLE last 5 minutes. A dream within a dream? C’mon. I would have been happier had he awakened (all shot with a blue filter) to the realization that BOTH his wife and his son had been killed (reconciling both parts of his fractured psyche), the house is empty, only signs of Jason Isaacs’ Detective Britton having lived alone for weeks, it’s his first day returning to work (have the same tv shows and radio clips from EP1 playing in the background,) but with the realization of what REALLY happened that night… and his conflicted need to uncover the truth and exact revenge.

    The happy ever after ending did not work for the tone of the series (especially given the ‘last kiss’ scene minutes before the ending). LOVED the show, really I did, lots of little Lynchian tributes, great post-production work, and excellent acting

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  9. ~Angst~ says

    >> This is gonna all be in this guy’s head as he lies in a comma, in reality both his son and his wife are dead, he is only alive himself by a respirator.

    I would even have accepted an ending where this is true – both his wife and son being dead – he finally realizes the truth in his active brain but comatose state – shot cuts to the hospital room (no colour filter) where Captain Tricia Harper is injecting something into the IV line. Shot cuts to the wake-up scene (shot with a grayed or brown filter; red+green, seems appropriate) where he goes downstairs to find his wife and child alive; all the while the sound of a flatlined hearbeat/blood pressure monitor can be heard playing over a radio or TV (overdub) in the kitchen.
    Britton switches off the radio/TV

    His recovery or not depending on whether season 2 is renewed. Even that would have been better than the dream-within-a-dream INCEPTION ending.

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