AWAKE: 1.13 Turtles All The Way Down — Official Story Details


Oh boy, sounds like it’s all going to go down in the Awake season finale, as Michael Britten’s worlds begin to clash. We now have full story details for the second half of the 2-part finale — “Turtles All The Way Down“. Take a look.



05/24/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : THE CHOICE IS YOURS — KEVIN WEISMAN (‘ALIAS’) AND LAURA INNES (‘ER,’ ‘THE EVENT’) GUEST STAR — The entire police force is on a man hunt for Detective Britten (Jason Isaacs) who relentlessly works to bring down the conspirators who tore his family apart. Britten trusts no one and time is running out as he gets closer to the truth. Bird (Steve Harris) and Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) decide to help their struggling partner. When Britten’s worlds begin to clash, bringing together the dueling psychiatrists, Dr. Lee (BD Wong) and Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones) in an unlikely debate that forces him to choose his path. Meanwhile, Captain Harper (guest star Laura Innes) is forced to face her truth. Laura Allen and Dylan Minnette also star.


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