AWAKE: 1.08 Nightswimming — Promo


Awake continues Thursday on NBC with Episode 8 — “Nightswimming.” Here’s the first-look at what’s in store.

04/19/2012 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : I CAN EXPLAIN – While he and Bird (Steve Harris) work to reunite a couple and help them prepare for a new life within the witness protection program, Detective Britten (Michael Britten) realizes that he needs to take his own advice and begin preparing for his new life in Oregon with his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen). Meanwhile, anticipating the move to Oregon, Britten tries to introduce Detective Vega to his longtime confidential informant, Jake (Steve Lawrence), but finds that Jake doesn’t like being passed down to another detective. BD Wong and Cherry Jones also star.

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