ARROW: Colton Haynes On Double ‘Speedy’


Colton Haynes has teased the future of his new Arrow character.

Haynes debuts in tonight’s episode (“Dodger”) as Roy Harper, a character known from the DC Comics universe as Arrow’s teenage sidekick, ‘Speedy’. As for whether the show’s producers are treading that exact same path in the TV show, Haynes says that it could go one of several ways:

“There’s definitely some teasing in the dialogue that eludes to that,” he told THR, before adding:

“There’s two different versions of the comics — one with Thea as Speedy and another with Roy Harper as Speedy. Producers aren’t really saying if they’re going to do either or but they definitely have some dialogue that eludes to both of them becoming that.”

As for Roy himself, Colton identifies a more immediate difference between his version of the character and the source material:

“Roy is still a bad-ass like he was in the comics but the Arrow producers have given him a heart. He’s definitely the bad boy that piques Thea’s interest but he’s doing the things he has to do to live the life he’s been given in the ghetto of [Starling City’s] the Glades.”

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