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Hollywood news, gossips, and rumors are not complete without mentioning some aspects of Angelina Jolie in them. She has grabbed attention of fans by both electronic and social media. She gets the top place in the Hollywood and everything about her is sold in millions. So rumors keep coming about her plastic surgery while she is getting older every year.

No doubt, she is one of the charming and fashionable people in the Hollywood she also comes in news because of her subtle changes of her face. She along with being an actress is also a popular businesswoman and model. Angelina Jolie is living her life in 50s and she is still attractive and fresh as before. People looking at this always tend to end up saying that it is all the cosmetic surgeries and Botox injections. Let’s see to what extent this is true.

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angelina jolie plastic surgery

No spokesperson have ever revealed about the plastic surgery of Angelina Jolie. She herself has also not admitted about the surgeries. The critics and cameras tell a true story through before and after photos. The most noted change in Angelina Jolie is her lips.

The lips are plumped and her face is lifted. In addition, her forehead is free from the signs of wrinkles. This could be because of the use of Botox injections on her face to look fresh and young.

News reporters are always anxious about the long lasting beauty of Angelina Jolie. They tend to judge her face by examining the pictures of then and now. Angelina Jolie has not admitted about plastic surgery but she has used surgery many times to perfect her body. The liposuction done on Angelina’s lips is considered as one of the best surgeries in the world.

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She has lips that are plush, glossy, and wider than never before. There is also change in her nose that has become pointed and long than before. This nose job was done before the lips were changed.


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