AMERICAN HORROR STORY Boss Talks Angels & Bloody Face II, Season 3 Storyline Tease


Warning: The following story contains spoilers from American Horror Story 2.07 “Dark Cousin” and upcoming episodes. Continue reading at your own discretion

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has weighed in on last night’s installment of the serial anthology which saw the Angel of Death herself drop in for a spot of ‘soul searching’. Speaking to EW, he also previews the upcoming episodes, talks Bloody Face II, and confirms plans for Season 3 — and why you’ll want to keep those eyes peeled in the finale.

On the inspiration behind the episode, specifically the ‘Angel of Death’ character portrayed by Frances Conroy, he said:

[We] came up with this character and I like that she’s around in all the individual stories at that pivotal moment of are you going to fight or are you going to die [..] At first came up with this idea that she was the black version of Miss Havisham. But I didn’t like that. I thought let’s do something unexpected. So our inspirations were very bizarre. We took sort of like 1940s , hard-boiled noir women and mixed it with a sort of Comme de Garcon meets Japanese thing. I was very proud of that look and I thought Franny was very yummy. You could see why people would want her to kiss them.

Murphy confirms that Conroy’s AoD will be spreading her wings for a few more episodes yet, and noted that fans will be cheering for Lana in next week’s Christmas epiode as the bloody-faced and bloody-nosed Thredson tries to tie up his very loose end. The episode also sees Lily Rabe‘s Devil Eunice in fine form when she decorates the Christmas tree.

As for presdent day Bloody Face, Murphy confirms that he is indeed played by Dylan McDermott — and that his motivations will be revealed in Episode 9, “The Coat Hanger”.

Looking further ahead to next season, Murphy says he has an early grasp on the Season 3 storyline and setting:

Yes. I do. I have an idea and I went to Jessica and she was very excited about the idea and possibly where it would film and how we would make it. I did the same thing last year—we almost work a year ahead. It’s a very dense script and it’s a lot of prep time. I do—I know what next year is.

Just like last year, expect there to be Season 3 clues hidden in the final episode of this season.

Source: EW

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