AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Rubber Man’s Replacement & More Asylum Hints


Plot details for the second season of American Horror Story have been pretty much kept under lock and key, aside from a few details. We know that it wont be a continuation of the first season (per the show’s serial-anthology format) and that it will be set in a 1960s institute for the criminally insane, run by Jessica Lange, who’s now a nun. Oh, and the season is rather fittingly sub-titled “Asylum“.

However, the floodgates cracked open a little bit during co-creator Ryan Murphy‘s Twitter Q&A yesterday. Here are SIX additional insights he shared about AHS Season 2:

1. New Rubber Man: “Bloody Face” (full picture here) is this year’s Rubber Man.

2. Halloween Episode: Like last year, Season 2 will have its own “amazing” Halloween episode, arriving in the second episode.

3. Heroes and villains: Jessica Lange will play a nun in Season 2, but will she be a hero or villain? Teased Murphy, with a smiley face: “a little of both”.

4. Disconnected: As we’ve known for quite a while, Season 2 wont share any parallels with Season 1 aside from some of the cast. Murphy reiterates “it’s a completely new story” and that viewers can watch without being up to speed on the first season. (Such is the nature of the show’s serial-anthology format, which is fine, though it will be nice if there was some connective tissue. Wishful thinking perhaps.)

5. New Intro Theme: As a consequence of the new story, Season 2 will feature a new title sequence from “the same team that did last year’s. The song may stay…not sure,” Murphy confirmed.

6. Quota: Season 2 consists of 13 episodes with 7 currently written.

AHS scares up this October on FX.

Source: @MrRPMurphy

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