ALPHAS: Big Bad’s Memory Flashes Revealed [CLUES]


The following article contains spoilers for Alphas 2.07b “Gods and Monsters”

Rosen and Stanton grappled like “Gods and Monsters” inside the mind of Alpha Jason Miller in Monday’s Alphas. Towards the end of their encounter, Rosen glimpsed memories from Stanton’s long and varied history, as well as what seems like foreshadowing images of events yet to come to pass.

Since the flashes happened so fast that you may not have caught all them, we went inside the mind of Jason ourselves to extract them for you. See what you make of them below — click to enlarge:

There’s some interesting clues and emphasis in there, including (among others):

  • Sean Astin‘s character, Roland, who has been described as having “a highly absorptive brain that allows him to assume the memories of others and then replay them like a tape recorder.” (should be interesting to have him and Kat in the same room)
  • Plans for ‘Voltaic Grenades‘ (is an attack imminent?)
  • A doomsday-looking clock with the hands pointed at 8:18.
  • The address 474 Apple Blossom Way.
  • The lights all across the city going out.

Along with the other events in the episode, there’s certainly enough to chew on until the next episode, “Falling“. Question is, how much of Stanton’s overarching plan have we just seen, and what will Rosen do with this information, or will his Dani revelation prove a distraction?

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  1. says

    If you look closely at the scene (very closely), you’ll notice that the voltaic grenades are designed by Skylar Adams for the NSA (logo on the right). Parish obviously needs Zoe supercalculating abilities.
    But since showrunners like to play games with us, everything will be revealed in the later episodes.

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