ALPHAS Season 2 Trailer: Super But Human


“Super..but Human” — that’s the tease on this new trailer for the second season of Alphas, powering up July 23 on Syfy.

Alphas showrunner Bruce Miller has promised more surprises and greater mythology in Season 2, saying:

“Both how grounded and realistic, and how extraordinary and surprising, this season is going to be, will definitely surprise our viewers. John Pyper-Ferguson is coming back to continue his role as Stan Parrish, who is an Alpha who appeared in the last episode last year, whose ability is that he can heal himself. He has great recuperative abilities. But also that means he’s lived a very long time. So the battle between Parrish and [the Alphas’ leader] Rosen [David Strathairn] is really the centrepiece of our season.”

Check out the first photos from Alphas Season 2.

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