ALPHAS Season 3 Update: Ryan Cartwright ‘Assumes Show Is Cancelled’

Alphas Season 3 Renewal Cancellation Update

Update: Syfy has since cancelled Alphas. Read more at the link.

Original story continues below..

The unknown fate of Alphas has had many of its fans on tenterhooks over the past few months as they wait for an announcement on possible continuation. Last month Ryan Cartwright, who plays Gary on the Syfy seriable, said the network would come to a decision on whether or not they would push ahead with a third season by mid-December. Mid-December has now come and gone without official confirmation one way or the other. So, what’s going on?

Unfortunately, Cartwright doesn’t sound too optimistic about Alphas getting a third season, if his recent tweets are anything to go by. The actor has posted an update saying: “Wow. Won’t know about AlphasS03 until next year,” followed by another that reads: “Gonna assume #Alphas is cancelled. #TooLongToWait :(“.

Here’s his original tweets:

Sounds pretty bleak, and it’s not unreasonable to think the show might not be back, particularly with Defiance on the horizon. And with Alphas traditionally being a summer series, you’d think they’d need a decent lead time for production and whatnot. By contrast, Syfy renewed Alphas Season 2 in September 2011, which might yet be the biggest clue as to their intentions this time round.

That said, the delay may speak to the numerous considerations that have to be made and might not prove terminal — but it’s certainly cross your fingers time for Alphas fans. Looks like it’ll be next year before we find out for sure. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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  1. says

    I personally could take it or leave it. Season 1 was pretty awesome, and had me glued, but season 2 has been underwhelming to say the least. I missed a few episodes just because I forgot I watch the show (if that says anything), then rather than catch up I just watched The Voice instead. I did try to catch the repeats later at night, or on Saturday sometimes, but I have no idea where the story was going or even ended up, because I lost interest.

    Didn’t the original showrunner leave the show before the second season? I recall something like that. At any rate the quality of the show went down this past season.

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        • matt says

          (no offense mate) as a musician you should understand why that’s horrible. I am classically trained since 5 years old and university educated as a jazz musician. i can tell you for a fact that there are no talent shows on television which have any performers with any musical integrity – not to mention the lack of musical integrity in everyone behind the show and the fact that these shows are what have ruined the music industry and why real musicians cant get jobs. that’s like saying someone who’s murdered once is much more respectable than a serial killer, in a way yeah but… that’s kinda besides the point no? why not spend that time listening to some actual musicians. there’s plenty of good new music still being made. it’s just not on television talent contests. (for the record I dont mean this in a mean tone/way just telling the truth as I see it)

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          • says

            Matt I like you bro, but are you seriously sitting here and lecturing me about music?

            First of all Music is subjective, no amount of university studies can change that.

            Because I like to turn my brain off from time to time and enjoy some pretty damn good singing, doesn’t mean I don’t know jack about music.

            So you don’t like the TV show The Voice. Awesome don’t watch it then but leave me alone for liking it. I believe you have probably never seen it, and just think it’s a clone of America Idol, or the X factor etc, but I will tell you it actually isn’t a clone of those shows. most of the singers on The Voice actually have real talent, and the way the show is set up, only the strong survive. But I digress.

            As to my musical training; Granted I never studied in a formal setting, I was better than my guitar teacher (who I only agreed to go to because my mother thought it would benefit me) at the age of thirteen and was quite tired of her paying him money to regress my talents. By the age of 15, I had learned on my own how to play the piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, and drums. I like Jazz, but not structured Jazz, I am an improvisational musician myself. my area of expertise is in blues, funk, and fusion, although I’m not limited to those My favorite band is actually Pearl Jam (I was coming of age in the 90’s)

            When I play, it isn’t so much about objective lessons and musical structure, (although it seems those things are built into my being) as it is about feeling the rhythms, finding the places that need a fill here or a run there. For me music is a subjective and even spiritual experience.

            Point is; The notion that I watch the voice does not cheapen the fact that I am a musician who can appreciate talent on many levels. Music is an art and the close-minded are selling themselves short.

            Yeah I caught your last line about not meaning it to be mean, but eh sorry you come of as a snob, of the hipster variety who thinks everyone one that doesn’t conform to their ideas are a useless sack of smelly meat. Sorry If you aren’t, just calling it like I read it.

            Love, Peace, and Soul.

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              • RickTerry says

                We are civil when we interact. I just can’t stand judgmental comments toward what I either like or don’t like. You know to each his own and all.

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  2. WaySeeker says

    I thought Season 2 was better in many ways to Season 1. They seemed to take stock of what worked and what did not. Personally, I wish they had more “psychology” in it. But it was tighter and much more engaging. It had a lot of layers and beats to it which made it feel like a very full season.
    I loved the added character! She was fun to watch! It would be interesting to see the plot and character progressions in a third season. Especially if it keeps hold of it’s seriballs, right ROCO?! 😀

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  3. Rell says

    I love the show. Discovered it on Netflix and watched season 2 pm SyFy. Loved both seasons and i defiantly want a 3rd!! PLEASE renew the show.

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  4. Turnip says

    I agree I think the second season was even better.
    The creativity with all the new Alphas and their different powers was unique. The actors are good and I am glad we got rid of the doctors daughter that story line was just annoying.
    There is so much that could be done with the premise of the Alphas. So many shows have a great pilot but then they run out of interesting stories. I could see endless plot lines with these alphas. It is like they have all the right ingredients to make this show great. They just need someone to tighten up the stories and make it a bit more believeable to suck viewers in more.
    I felt like the doctor’s character was very strong from the beginning and I bought into it but when they played around with the motives of the characters too much it then loses credibility.
    Not sure what to make of the guy who is ahead of the special locked hospital they take the Alphas to. I don’t think he knew how to play it nor did we understand him. It is like they initially set up strong characters and then let them to flounder all over the place.
    This is too bad since I think there are many really good actors in this that could have taken this series to another level if given a decent story line and script. I loved the doctor’s character and Gary the most. I also found this series on Netflix and got hooked.
    I am sick to death with the staid offerings from the big networks. Do we really need another CSI or Law and Order? No. It is a shame when the smaller networks/cable offer something unique and then doesn’t support it to become a great series. Why bother in the first place? These yearly commital or renewal is half hearted at best and there is part of me that wishes that these entertainment companies knew more how to mature a series into a great one. How come some can do this and other fail and fail at this? So many of the most popular shows typically had a slow start and following in the beginning seasons but were allowed to mature and to find their audience and their sweet spot with viewers. Makes you want to wait until there are several seasons in the can on Netflix before committing to a series. It drives me nuts to get hooked on show to see it pulled. I think Boardwalk is a great series and even getting hooked on Fringe too. Maybe once all tvs can stream online content openly maybe independent shows/producers can by pass networks altogether.

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  5. Jeanette says

    I am sitting waiting patiently for season three. I love the show… I don’t get the deal with Syfy you get a good thing and you always drop them, a few others you have done the same!

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  6. Noah says

    I have been really into the show, alphas, and I Have waited for the new season…I hoped for good news but:(
    I am so sad because I want to watch the show during my vacation! I truly love the show. please make the new season for the fans like me;D

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  7. Adrian says

    As many of the other comments said the show improved greatly after season 1. The characters became more engaging and natural in there roles. I agree with the comment above about good quality sci-fi shows being canceled on a regular basis.

    Its a piety, take firefly for example a great show highly rated but because of the lack in viewers it got canceled. I think to reasons for the shows being canceled is down to lack of promotion and possible the lack of interest in sci-fi, as appose to other genres.
    Any-who, hope it gets renewed for another season. Also terminator the Sarah conor chronicle is a great show to watch if ye are looking for something to dig the teeth into.

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  8. Dave Ruth says

    I don’t watch many shows, but this was one I never missed. Too bad that the possibility of a season 3 is looking bleak. At least season 2 seemed to end with a bit of closure, but there are just so many ways the story could go on at that point. That final episode proved that this series had nads. 😀

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  9. Joe Piscopo says

    You never can tell, when I did TNG with Whoopi, I figured it was probably over for the series. In reality, it was just the end of the series for me. Maybe they are just not bringing Ryan’s character back. He acts like a droid, and I’m annoyed.

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  10. reni says

    Love the character of Gary, Zoe, Kat and Nina, and all…
    Good serial, good story, GREAT player….so, why don’t give us season 3?
    Do u mind to bring it out?

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  11. Jeff says

    OMG… just found this series on Netflix since I don’t subscribe to cable or direct tv. I hate commercials. Season 2 leaves you hanging pretty good. Where the F*** is season 3?

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  12. says

    My Husband and I found this on Netflix and were glued to it… Hate hate hated the way Season 2 Ended.. Please bring it back! Loved Ryan’s Characture Gary and His flat humor.. I dont understand why only he was uneffected? All Alphas were to get that “steroid” like boost, so expecting them to come back, but why was Gary not effected? This could easily spin off to many different options…

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  13. R Thomas says

    Alphas was one of the few watchable shows on SyFy and other networks. I am so tired of these reality shows. Please continue with Alphas. It makes me sick when I think of how many shows have been cancelled for “REALITY CRAP”.

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  14. says

    Would love to see season 3, not really sure why Gary didn’t die like the rest of them so would like to see why that happen in season 3 or at least seeing Gary saving the world instead, i actually understood what the doc was trying to do with the Alphas in season 1 but by season 2 his morials seem to change on helping the Alphas he seem to be using them.

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    • says

      Seriously, no one thinks thinks that Gary’s autism is the reason he was not affected. His brain did not recieve the impulse other humans did. Just saying.

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  15. jdrombo says

    This is just one more good Sci-fi show that’s getting or gotten cancelled from the Sci-fi channel. something’s not right with the powers that be at that network. They’ve lost their direction and would rather put on lowest common denominator programming rather than the genre that made them the sci fi channel. Just like MTV…whens the last time you saw a half hour block of good rock or pop videos?

    Soon, the sci-fi channel will be anything BUT science fiction tv.

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