ALPHAS Boosts Season 2 Roster With Sean Astin, New Character Details


We already know that Summer Glau is returning to Syfy’s Alphas in Season 2, and she’ll be joined by new arrival Sean Astin (LotR).

Per Syfy, Astin will play Roland, an Alpha with a highly absorptive brain that allows him to assume the memories of others and then replay them like a tape recorder.

Roland’s abilities sound interesting in their own right, and even more so when weighted alongside another new arrival: Erin Way‘s Kat, who suffers from short-term memory as a result of her super intuitive powers. While we don’t yet know whether their paths will cross, thematically it should add something to the season.

In addition, new details for the previously confirmed Lauren Holly and C. Thomas Howell‘s characters have come to light. Holly will play ‘a senator with mysterious ties to a member of the clandestine organization,’ with Howell playing an Alpha with super-speed abilities who has revenge in mind.

Season 2 powers up July 23 on Syfy.

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