ALPHAS: 2.08 Falling — REVIEW


Could Alphas continue weaving a strong second season, or would “Falling” bring the whole thing crashing down to earth?



  • The dynamic between Gary, Kat and Bill continues to be awesome.
  • Kat character development.
  • Follow up and development on the Dani/mole storyline
  • Interesting aspects of Rosen’s character explored.
  • Useful set-up for the next episode.


  • The story of the week was rather bland.
  • Peppered throughout with overly contrived moments.
  • Kat’s ‘redemption’ was rather convenient to say the least.
  • Rachel and John’s romantic developments felt incongruent with the episode and lacked interest

When all else fails, forget everything..

Well, I guess Alphas had to come down at some point and quite apt that it happened in an episode called “Falling”. That’s not to say the episode is terrible or unimportant to the main mythology or character arcs, but it wasn’t the most engaging piece of the puzzle.

One of the reasons for that was that the story of the week took prominence. A new drug called “Jump” hits the streets, basically making ‘normal humans’ indestructible.  But this Alpha-like drug is only yields temporary indestructibility and leads to cardiac fibrosis.

Now, this is a kind of neat idea in and of itself, but it didn’t do much for me as it felt too arbitrary. It delved into Kat’s backstory so it wasn’t completely disconnected from the ongoing elements, but it didn’t strike me as the best vehicle to bring Kat to center stage.

That being said, it was good to learn more about Kat, with Erin Way holding her own throughout the episode. Even though I didn’t care much for the weekly story, she continued to bring an interesting dynamic and bounced off Gary and Bill extremely well.

It’s not just Kat’s quirkiness that makes her an awesome character but where that carefree nature comes from – her ability to forget. It was interesting to see this idea explored and to see her become a more complicated, conflicted character as a result. I thought her desire to defend her supposed boyfriend happened too quickly, or at least not enough was done to fully establish their connection, but getting the character in this position brought out a different side to her, while also establishing her own character flaws. The downside to her ability is that she can’t make lasting connections (something she’s viewed as a positive up to now), while also leaving her vulnerable to events like those which play out here.

That said, Kat’s redemption was nice to see, even if it was a bit convenient — and while this particular rooftop spectacle doesn’t hold a candle to the emotion and execution of the one from “When Push Comes To Shove“, it represented a notable piece of bravery from the girl who’s used to acting on impulse.

Meanwhile, over in the main storyline, Rosen’s uncertainty and second-guessing over how to deal with the fact that his own daughter is the mole, was interesting to watch. It wasn’t pitch perfect, but it was a nice dilemma to have Rosen grapple with. His conflict over how best to help Dani is arguably the most broken we’ve seen him, and I do wonder how much of this is based on parental responsibility vs bruised ego? I imagine the fact that she was working with his immortal rival makes it worse. Not only does Rosen see Stanton as a threat to the wider world, but he specifically opposes his ‘ideology’ and can’t stand the fact that his daughter has her own mind and perspectives. It’s strikes me as interesting that Rosen wont even tolerate the idea of coming together with Stanton (as Dani asks) even if its just to keep him in check. We’ve seen how deceptive Rosen can be, so why not take every opportunity he gets to sit down with Stanton — isn’t that in everyone’s best interests? Is Rosen worried about being wooed?

At any rate, it was sad to see Dani’s meltdown, underneath the sense of purpose that Stanton gave her she knows that she’s still pretty confused. Hearing her ask to be chipped and locked away in Building 7 with the other Alpha-zombies was pretty heart-breaking, particularly coming off the back of the great scene where her ability enabled Hicks and his son to finally connect — and now she’s essentially asking for Kat’s ability, to forget.  That speaks to her brokenness – she can help fix others but she’s unable to mend her past.

This is where the Kat story worked in tandem with the main storyline and is evidence that Alphas is discovering more ways to make important little connections without necessarily forcing the issue. The final scene closes with a teary Rosen telling Dani that “there’s a way out.” It should be interesting to find out exactly what he means by that.


  • Very contrived with Clay and his kid being used as a reflective device for Rosen’s own parental dilemma. It would have been good to see more of Clay’s character if this was even remotely about him, as a result it felt too forced.
  • The source for “Jump” was an Alpha, who’s own motivations are rather cloudy. Again, could have been more interesting. That said, the general concept could yet yield potential going forward.
  • Hicks’ reaction to Rosen after he gave Dani up makes you wonder what this will do to their relationship, particularly if you’ve seen the teasers for the next episode: “The Devil Will Drag You Under“.

7.5/10 Seriable Stars


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