ALPHAS: 2.05 Gaslight — REVIEW


The last couple of episodes of Alphas have been great. I wasn’t sure where this one was headed when it started, but it got underway like gangbusters.

A young man named Adam (Noah Reid) is at a morgue identifying the body of his sister when the scene takes a decidedly Alphas turn. She rolls over and begs him to help her. Of course the morgue attendants can’t see any of this, but Adam is understandably coming unhinged and decides to do what anyone in that situation would do: walk across the ceiling to get around the guys that are holding back from rescuing his dead sister who’s begging for help.

Nina is back among the Alphas and getting her bearings after being out of action for a while. She discovers that Gary has been staying in her office while she’s been away. Rosen assures her he’ll take care of it. Famous last words, right?

Immediately, however, Rosen has an assignment that’s perfectly suited for her. It involves a U.S. Senator who’s received some recent and sizeable donations from one of Parish’s charities. Obviously the senator is not going to cough up the info voluntarily, hence Nina’s involvement. She’ll coax the truth out of her in no time, which will be easy because they have her schedule for the next couple of days.

Hicks gets some bad news about his young son who lives in Nevada with his mother. He won’t be coming out to New York to visit because he’s going to San Francisco with his mom and her new love interest instead. Hicks is feeling what it’s like to be sitting at the table with a weak hand as he knows he has very little leverage with his ex-wife after the way he treated her prior to their divorce.

Harken, not really eavesdropping but also unable to not hear the webcam conversation, offers him a compassionate ear before eventually letting him know he’s been a regular participant in the fight club after trying to explain away his black eye as happening at the hands of his wife. Hicks is quite concerned over his continued participation.

Nina finally runs into Rachel in the office, and the only way to describe the encounter is “chilly.” Rachel believes Nina is a criminal and should be in jail and she’s none too happy that Rosen pulled some strings to have her back in the team instead of behind bars. Nina attempts to offer an apology but Rachel pretty much gives her the old “talk to the hand” and walks away.

Fast-forward a bit and we find Nina and the Senator in the powder room at the swanky hotel. Nina wastes no time in applying the pressure and asks her about the donation from the charity. To Nina’s great surprise the Senator tells her she can’t divulge what she did for Stanton in exchange for the large donation. She tells Nina the information is “gone.” It’s clear Stanton, in anticipation of such an eventuality with Nina or one of the other Alphas, still maintains some lingering control over the Senator.

Surveillance video from the morgue made its way to YouTube, of course, but is pulled down fairly quickly, but not so fast that Rosen and the rest of his Alpha team didn’t discover its existence first and now they know about Adam.

Harken and Hicks track Adam to the hospital but don’t find him. Instead, they find some bloody carnage in an elevator, the result of Adam attacking someone in the elevator. At the same time Rachel and Gary attend the funeral of Gary’s friend Anna Levy, who was killed in last season’s finale, “Original Sin”. They are forced to leave the gravesite services after Gary makes a ridiculous scene. They catch up with Hicks and Harken and are now on the hunt throughout the hospital for Adam. Guess who Adam runs into at the hospital? If you’ve been paying attention at all and you said Anna, take a cookie from the cookie jar!

Then the opening credits rolled and I took a deep breath. I kid you not. All that before the opening credits! Is this show shaping up into some awesome or what?

I won’t give any more of the “Anna” storyline away, but it’s awesome, so trust me when I tell you that you can’t wait to see it.

Nina catches up with Rosen and tells him what went down with the Senator. He’s got a new approach for Nina and wants her to try “pulling” a repressed memory from the Senator rather than “pushing” her to remember a fresh one, which is her normal tack. Nina’s down for trying something new, and they have the perfect test subject right in their offices.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, and by ranch I mean hospital; Harken and Rachel find the room where Adam is hiding, and then she disappears as we see Adam descending down on her from the ceiling. Not since Stephen King’s “Kingdom Hospital” has there been a hospital this creepy on television.

Nina gets a little more info out of the Senator at the airport with her new approach, but they run out of time before they learn anything truly helpful, at least in the moment, but some keywords will stick in their minds for later retrieval.

The next several scenes take place in the hospital and involve everyone on the Alphas team. This is the whole shooting match in this episode, so I won’t spoil it, but I will tell you that each of the Alphas is at the mercy of their greatest fear, anxiety, or source of very strong emotions and unless Gary and Dr. Rosen can figure out the source in a hurry, Harken, Hicks, and Rachel are each in grave danger.

Rosen does discover what’s happening to the Alphas inside the hospital, as well as its potential cause. One of the keywords uttered by the Senator shows up on a data plate affixed to the side of a piece of medical equipment, linking the investigation back to Stanton Parish and his overarching plans for Alphas the world over.

Meanwhile Kat, who volunteered to be Nina’s test subject earlier in the episode, sketches a newly ‘pulled’ memory from her past. A literally touching moment that thematically ties Kat to the ‘haunted’ elements of “Gaslight”. The consequences of potentially being able to remember both the good and the bad from her past will be fascinating to see develop.

Seriously, watch this episode. Hell, watch it twice, but watch for no other reason than the final scene with Gary in his office as he sends the following message out into cyberspace:


The revolution is coming.

#Anna_Lives #Alphas

Excellent episode.

8.5/10 Seriable Stars

Stephanie CableĀ is from Salt Lake City. She is a huge pop culture geek, runner, and gamer.

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