Almost Human Boss On Episode Order Controversy

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Almost Human executive producer J.H. Wyman has addressed concerns over the show’s episodes airing out of order.

The sci-fi drama has already broken one of the sacred ‘rules’ of serialized TV by airing episodes out of their originally intended sequence. As you can see from the bulleted list below, Episode 2 was supposed to be the fifth episode; Episode 3 the sixth, and so on:


Of course, Almost Human is a cross between serialized and procedural (weighted more towards the latter), as opposed to an inherently serialized show which absolutely requires episodes to air in order. However, many seriable observers have voiced concerns about what this apparent interchangeability means for the serialized aspect of the show.

Will character development be negatively impacted? Will important overarching plot points get lost, quite literally, in transmission? Are serial viewers receiving everything we need to follow the show as it was intended?

According to Wyman, viewers need not worry. Speaking on Twitter, he said “it’s okay that they are out of order for the first 7 or so,” confirming that from that point onwards, “they should really be in order.”

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Viewing the show as a procedural, Wyman’s probably right as Episodes 2 and 3 are eye-wateringly standalone and shouldn’t affect viewers simply tuning in for 47 or so minutes of cool sci-fi that they may or may not bother coming back each week.

However, eagle-eyed seriable viewers may have noticed that something changed between the pilot and the following two episodes. That uneasy, difficult relationship between Dorian and Kennex had magically all but resolved itself. While – as highlighted by Seriable’s Rick and others – the mythology threads of the pilot (which ended on something of a cliffhanger) are nowhere to be seen.

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Those plot threads will seemingly get picked up later (unless there’s been a major re-write), but it’s difficult not to think that the experience has been adversely impacted somewhat, from a seriable perspective. Instead of experiencing Kennex and Dorian earn their initially uneasy relationship from the ground up, it’s been skipped over. Imagine that happening with Walter and Peter Bishop? It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Of course, interchanging episodes is not unique to Almost Human, especially on network procedural shows where each episode is a standalone story. But the fact that Almost Human has designs on a serialized mythology (albeit not F ringe-Level), makes its challenge more difficult and apparent.

Still, the good news is that we should be getting a some serialization from Episode 7 onwards, with Wyman also confirming that plot points such as why Dorian was decommissioned, Kennex’s father, and the mystery that is Anna, will be picked up down the line.

Almost Human airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Source: @JHWyman

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  1. Page 48 says

    J.H. Wyman,with a Christmas story for the kids::

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house.
    “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”.
    The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
    And filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk.
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse……..etc….

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 19

  2. MikeMike says

    For me personally, this does not work as a procedural show. If the serialization/mythology is not there then this is a below average show with no depth to me, but with serialization/mythology this could be good. I am afraid this is going to be too light to make it though.

    Like: Thumb up 5

  3. WaySeeker says

    It is kind of fun, but I really miss the seriability. And the symbols/mythology. I was most perturbed by the lack of any real symbols from show to show! I was really looking forward to writing up observation articles! But , alas, it seems more like shout-outs to other shows and random production choices. Nothing seems to gel like with FRINGE. And there seems to be far more going on in Sleepy Hollow, which I did not see coming!

    I am dubious about the flipping of episode order when it comes to making a show more watchable, but whatever.

    Like: Thumb up 6

  4. TuAuk says

    Can anyone tell us when the real episode 02 and 04 will be shown? I lost interest after the second show and would like to try the series again because of other’s urging, but I want to watch it in the intended order.

    Like: Thumb up 2

  5. says

    It’s starting to get noticeable that they’ve switched the episodes around… John’s relationship with Dorian and with Stahl seems to go backwards and forwards, and the characters seemed way to surprised last episode when someone was in two places at once (even though we’ve seen ”face masks” already). I think they did address that it was possible, but it was odd.

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  6. Tafkah says

    Fox did the same thing with Firefly – they showed the episodes out of order until the mythology and continuity of the show was lost and viewers couldn’t get into it. Then, Fox canceled it for “low viewership”. Once the DVD came out with the episodes in order, then everyone realized what a great sci-fi show it was, but it was too late. Let’s hope that after this initial jumble of episodes the powers that be at Fox will show them in the correct order and hopefully save this show. This show has a lot of potential, so I hope that it gets at least a full season.

    Like: Thumb up 7

  7. wildheart says

    Roco, thanks for keeping us updated on the proper order; this is the only site where I can find it. I want to watch the episodes in the right order, but if I hear the series has been canceled before we get episode four, I’m just going to delete all of the episodes piling up on my dvr.

    *resists urge to rant about FOX and Firefly*

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  8. Jim says

    Wow, can’t wait to see the second episode of the show NEXT WEEK. The promos are saying the relationship between Kennex and Dorian will get complicated, but they’re way beyond that already… Meh.

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  9. JP says

    You don’t list which episode is supposed to be 1.04. Is that just a numbering mistake, or is a later episode meant to be 1.04?

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  10. Bunai says

    Thank you for the listing.

    To comment – “Simon Says” airing before “Unbound” as Episode 7, is probably the smartest decision out of all the airings. While “You Are Here” was the worst, because it definitely should have been aired as Episode 2.

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    • Alvinae says

      Absolutely. I think the episodes gets stronger as the weeks go on; had they aired the original episode two, I think a lot more people would have stuck with the show.

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  11. Sher says

    I’ve been watching and enjoying this show as a procedural, but it doesn’t have the serialized continuity that would’ve made it even better.

    Airing episodes out of order has been tantamount to a death-wish. Do we know why Fox would do such a thing?

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    • Bunai says

      Try viewing it this way when following the production order.

      * First four establish the characters.
      “You Are Here”

      * Next four are production order but are viewed as procedural as they have no direct connection to other episodes, unless you count Skin. These feel like world building episodes to me, and are very action focused.
      “Are You Receiving”
      “The Bends”
      “Blood Brothers”

      * Last five are serialized. Each of them appear to focus on the fate of Dorian through cases. Never mind the Wall, even in the early episodes it was a passing mention but not as important as the characters.
      “Simon Says”
      “Straw Man”

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  12. Will Robinson says

    Sher (sorry, only just found this site), from what I’ve seen, they’re making the ‘witty banter’ episodes closer to the beginning to get people involved quicker (make a connection or something).

    While more astute people will notice certain issues (Kennex/Dorian involvement, differing reactions around the PD, etc.) it’s supposed to not really make much difference at any point up to about 7 Eps. in.

    I only got here by checking out a glaring issue between Kennex/Dorian that I thought I’d just glanced over before; Ep.10 seemed well out of place to the rest and I’m glad I found the reason.

    Thanks Roco, I’n trying to get my friend introduced to this and at least he has the choice of which order to watch them in – I just regret that he’s going to ask my opinion and I’ll have to sit in my imagined big leather Exec. chair and say “Roll a set of dice…”

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    • Lois litt says

      I know what you mean about ep10, it’s where I lost interest, but 8 seems weird now as well knowing it was 2. It totally destroys the relationships in the show, especially kennex\stalh. Minka Kelly’s perfection suddenly being explained as genetic engineering 10 EPs in instead of 4 was a death sentence.

      Just watched the show in order, wow, totally different experience, another case of studio sabotage.

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  13. Arthur Henrick says

    Just saw the last episode of Almost Human, Straw Man (a 1950 Sci-Fi Radio drama called “Almost Human” by that name deals with an android that is a killing robot…but wants to be human).

    My 16 year old son, Jesse, was surprised there was no cliff hanger. Sweet ending and if cancelled, was very nice. Dorian nearly cried!

    Not sure what the guy was Really using the bodies for… improving his Cyborg tech but that seamed a bit strange…since the printed bodies were “found by the Wall” in nearly ever case.

    This episode, Straw Man, talked about “The Wall” 6 times… and John Kennex’s boss, the Captain Sandra Maldonado, seamed also extra “soft” towards the end like she knew something about John’s dad (or had a relationship with him).

    Rudy Lom was particularly confused and worried this episode…. like he knows something.

    Even the Evil and combative Detective Richard Paul was…. “almost human’ giving a street hit a partial BitCoin.

    This episode seamed rather … sad and reflective.. maybe cancelled….

    In FireFly, the 2nd to last episode, the crew knew they were canceled and there was a funeral scene where the cast was really sad.

    Dorian, DNR-0167, nearly cried and appeared “like a real boy” near the end.

    If this show continues, I feel the following information will result in a new direction:

    1) Synthetic souls… they are captured from dying kids in Hospitals…. “More human than Human” would be a good sales pitch.

    2) Dorian’s maker, Dr. Nigel Vaughn, is using the souls and processors and “cyborg tech” to build a better robot on the other side of the “Wall”… unknown why.

    3) John’s Dad death and the guy in charge of Police evidence who also died 10 years ago… that is not over and more “Tech” is over the Wall.

    4) Captain Maladado is unusually protective of John… something is in her past.

    5) Rudy Lom knows something about the images…probably worked when a Hacker “Aphid” with the Maker of Dorian…

    Episode #9- Unbound with Dr. Nigel Vaughn would have been a great season final episode.

    On a Side Note about BitCoin Founder: Satoshi Nakamoto is a 64 year old programmer in Southern California. Since he was 23, he used the code name “Dorian S. Nakamoto”

    Strange… I give this info 5 Dorians!!!

    I remain your servant,

    Arthur Henrick
    Sunnyvale, California, USA, (inside the Wall).


    Nakamoto’s family describe him as extremely intelligent, moody and obsessively private, a man of few words who screens his phone calls, anonymizes his emails and, for most of his life, has been preoccupied with the two things for which Bitcoin has now become known: money and secrecy.

    For the past 40 years, Satoshi Nakamoto has not used his birth name in his daily life. At the age of 23, after graduating from California State Polytechnic University, he changed his name to “Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto,” according to records filed with the U.S. District Court of Los Angeles in 1973. Since then, he has not used the name Satoshi but instead signs his name “Dorian S. Nakamoto.”

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  14. Anna says

    Uhm… yeah, thanks Arthur. You might want to put a SPOILER WARNING before posts like the one you made. You probably didn’t mean to, but I have yet to finish watching th e show.

    Like: Thumb up 1

    • Arthur Henrick says

      Sorry Anna! A Thousand Dorians! (1 Dorian =equals 4.34 Sorries)

      Did not think a person reviewing postings would not have seen the final by now.

      I’ll be more careful next time.!!

      Like: Thumb up 1

  15. Miro says

    And it’s over, the show got cancelled… I hope that at least on Blu-ray the order will be correct and Almost human will get the appreciation it deserved.

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