ALCATRAZ Star: Season 2 Plans Make Axe ‘All The More Upsetting’


Parminder Nagra is “gutted” that Alcatraz was canceled after just one season: Not only did it cut short her intriguing role as Dr. Lucille “Lucy” Banerjee but it left many hanging plotlines.

Alcatraz, which centered on the reappearance of prisoners and guards after they vanished from the infamous prison 50 years prior, was canceled in May after just 13 episodes.

The British actress told the BBC’s Newsbeat that she was hoping for another shortened season to wrap the show up:

“We only did 13 episodes. It would have been nice to have another 13 episodes – that would would have been fantastic so people at least know what the hell was going on. Even I was going, ‘I want to know what’s going on’ because no-one ever told us anything.”

As it stands, the unanswered questions will remain unanswered, though Nagra managed to tease a few clues out of the producers as to where the show was going:

“I’ve grilled them quite extensively. They were saying some really cool, interesting stuff. I was like, ‘I don’t want to hear that now.’ It was all the more gutting for me.”

Fans of the series will have to hope that continuation/resolution comes via another format: “online shorts” had been mooted prior to cancellation, but no word on that has come since.

Interesting that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is doing something to provide resolution for fans of Terra Nova (also canceled this year) in the form of a motion comic. It’s not the same as watching the action unfold on screen, and I can’t vouch for its quality at this stage, but it’s something.

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  1. farvahar says

    Alcatraz was an excellent show, hope to see the second season, still cannot believe they cancelled this awesome show.

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    • pat says

      great show. I was watching it on my prime Amazon and when I got to the end of season 1. I could cry could not find season 2. What happen what was the Fox thinking?

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  2. matt says

    I agree with farva (ramrod!), I cant believe they cancelled it or Terra Nova, and Rocco’s feeling like I am about the motion comic. I hope they do something to end traz like a regular comic or even just a press release for both shows saying this is what wouldhave happened llol just so we know.

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  3. Peanut says

    I am sorry that Alcatraz got cancelled. Even with its flaws, it was, to me, a much better show than Terrible Nova.

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  4. Renato says

    So disappointing really wanted to know what went on. really disappointing not know what the end would be. RRRRRRrrrrrrr

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  5. Lahiru says

    I was so upset by hearing “they cancelled” Alcatraz what is wrong with them
    BRING ALCATRAZ BACK! I really want to see how it is going ahed

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  6. ali says

    please do something to bring it back.its not fair i watched all the 13 episodes of 1st season i really like to know whats the end of it.

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  7. Reza says

    I don’t undersatand how can they cancel such a interesting mystic series.
    Don’t they think of the potential of the story?
    What about the fans? What can they do ? It’s more like a lost to me.

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  8. Zanelle says

    I am so upset about the cancelation of the show!!! I am a big fan of such series because it keeps your mind working thru out the show!! You try and figure out how it is that it all came about unfolding the way it does!!! Please bring back the show!!!!

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  9. Collin Batey says

    I really loved that show. And I can’t believe stupid touch got brought back but not Alcatraz. really wanted to see if she lived or not.

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  10. 2013 says

    I have just started watching the show and falling to addict
    Unfortunately, the second season has been revoked
    I hope it comes to play on TV soon :)

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  11. Pam says

    It is fine to decide to cancel a show, but at least do the fans the courtesy of making a double special to wrap up the story line. One of my pet peeves is when a fantastic series like Alcatraz is just cancelled willy-nilly. If you plan to cancel it, then wrap it up properly by adding a couple more episodes, don’t just drop it mid story.

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    • pat says

      pam is right. They should have wrapped it up much better than that. . I’ve watched every episode and then when I got to the end of season one I couldn’t believe the way they ended it. Shame on them. They didn’t really give it a chance to even finish the story.

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  12. Alice Devaney says

    My husband and I have just finished watching all 13 episodes over a week. When I look to see when the next season will be broadcast was horrified to find out it had been axed. Who’s bright idea was that? Why this show when rubbish shows are going on season after season. Somebody needs their head looking at. So when the “bosses/bigwigs/producers” get their act together and reinstate the series kindly let me know.

    Signed, a furious fan

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  13. mac says

    I fail to see how certain shows ( I give no examples) are consistently given new seasons after seasons after seasons, constantly repeating the same stories over and over again, whilst Alcatraz which is a genuinely interesting show (in mine and many others opinions) is cancelled after one short series with what seems like hundreds of unanswered questions being plainly presented to it’s viewers, which can only answered with pointless optimism from the viewers. Surely, giving the show another short season, even if it is just to ‘wrap the show up’ wouldn’t be too much harm. It’s like asking someone an important question and never receiving an answer, It’s ridiculous really.

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  14. says

    It is so typical of network executives TV to cancel shows that suggest an intelligent demographic when their audience is supposed to be low brow joe-blow americans who will buy fast-food and overpriced clothes.
    That is why the cable networks are kicking your asses!! They don’t dumb down the content. They respect american viewers

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    • mac says

      I couldn’t agree more, it appears that cars crashing into buildings are more popular TV shows than insightful drama’s.

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  15. pinkladybug513 says

    I want my ;money back. I bought season 1 because I missed the first few episodes. now i am hooked with no conclusion not nice.

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  16. Tobias Weetman says

    OMG!!! I’ve only just discovered this fantastic show I love the mystery of all these prisoners reappearing after so many years and I am totally hooked just finished watching season 1 and I am gutted to find out that some numpty decided to cancel this intriguing programe without so much as giving any of its viewers a concluding episode lt alone some further seasons. Might I suggest that the person who’s bright idea it was to cancel the show is not only sacked but also made to disappear for 50 years or so!!!

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  17. says

    I’m so tired of investing in network shows only to have them cancelled while lame ass mindless shows without any intelligence get renewed year after year. This is why the networks are losing viewers in record numbers, they don’t understand that smart well developed an interesting shows need more than one short season to develop fully. They are more complicated than lame brain crude comedies that any airhead can follow. I hope they cancel themselves right out of the market then maybe more shows like those on audience HBO show time and starz will take their place.

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  18. Ben says

    I’m a British ‘traz fan, and I really don’t understand US TV networks. The show was really popular here, as cerebral, thought-provoking drama tends to be.

    To find out that it has been cancelled, yet shows such as Lizard Lick Towing still exist makes me wonder what is going on across the Atlantic

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    • wildheart says

      “…makes me wonder what is going on across the Atlantic”

      Money. Television producers have gotten themselves convinced that the best way to make it is by following the same formulas and clich├ęs. We also still use the same method as we did in the fifties (using Nielsen ratings) for counting how many people watch shows. Then throw in the internet and ability to find quality series elsewhere. The result: canceled opportunities and poorly-made reality shows.

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  19. Brittney Vaughn says

    This show was so good. I live by Alcatraz and have gone on many tours there. It is so interesting and the show was amazing! I wish they would make a season 2

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  20. Fuz says

    They’re repeating season 1 on ‘Watch’ channel in the UK, It’s pathetic really. Why bother starting a show like this (which obviously needs more seasons to get through the twists and turns) only to cancel it suddenly. No sense! The networks and producers of shows may as well stick to what they know best and that’s producing trailer trash.

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  21. Richard says

    Great programme, something about different…. and then you cancel it!!!???? the producers should come to the UK and cancel some real rubbish like Eastenders!

    Bring on series 2 of Alkatraz!!!

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  22. joe says

    they all died in the plane crash and the black smoke and the polar bear made perfect sense at the end….ooops wrong show.. hang on ! it was all a dream. jj abrahms sucks

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  23. says

    Carnt believe it I really loved this show flipping tera nova is a pile of shit as it it plz what ever you do ‘re open Alcatraz shows or alot of people are gunna be pissed

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  24. helena says

    I agree with richard, the producers should come over here to the uk and cancel rubbish like eastenders, bring back Alcatraz!!!

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