ALCATRAZ Puts Shutters Down On New Episodes


FOX‘s midseason mystery series Alcactraz has halted production on new episodes.

The series has put filming new episodes on hold to reshoot additional scenes for some of the 7 completed episodes, before continuing filming the remaining 6 of the 13-episodes order.

With the show not airing until midseason, the producers have decided to take advantage of the ‘looser’ delivery schedule to make improvements on some of the completed episodes. Seems like a wise move.

The Alcatraz pause follows in the footsteps of NBC’s Awake, which recently shut down production to allow writers time to catch up on scripts. Alcatraz, however, is expected to remain in production — instead of filming new episodes, they’ll be focusing on reshoots, expected to last 1-2 weeks.

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments concerning Alcatraz.

Source: Deadline

Check out a recent promo for Alcatraz below:

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