ALCATRAZ PODCAST: 1.06 Diego’s Soul Patch — Summary


In this week’s podcast Jorge Garcia and Bethany Shady talk about some of the questions raised and inconsistencies in Episode 1.06, as well as Doc Soto’s new crush and his jealousy of Matt the bomb disposal guy. Michael Esslinger reveals a little of what it was like to be a guard living on the island and that some elements of the Guy Hastings episode weren’t so far from the truth.

This week Jorge and Bethany talk about;


  • Beth and Jorge presenting the podcast from The Island Hawaii!
  • The several directors of series, Jack Bender directing most episodes
  • Theory that Beauregard is a vampire, Jorge’s theory that Beauregard is a civil war doctor (Joke)


Episode Analysis

  • Episode starts with Hauser vomiting, Jorge questions why he’d get a job working on a boat if he suffered with sea sickness, jokes “would the lady like to see me puke more on the way back”
  • Scenes with Lucy and the doctor shot at the Riverview location
  • Explosions, was the man with the phone filming them? Guy on the stretcher twitching.
  • ADR joke that wasn’t used, Soto says “jinx” when he and Hauser say “Paxton Petty” at the same time. Paxton Petty’s name kept changing in script revisions.
  • eBook/research of Doc Soto’s on his iPad
  • The medical examiner’s office and the body on the table. How he was wearing something to cover his modesty, ken doll bump.
  • Nicky and Rebecca’s conversation, Doc Soto jealous? Just pent up nerd rage.
  • Soto says he didn’t write about Paxton Petty, did he lie or was he telling the truth? He was lying, Petty is in the book.
  • Cemetery scene and the “I never wear the right clothes” odd dialogue.
  • Discussion of how the land mines work
  • Old newspapers in the mausoleum suggest the returnees are trying to catch up on what’s happened since 1963.
  • First episode where Tommy doesn’t seem as bad as we’ve been led to believe
  • Confirms the “transparent suit” line was scripted.
  • Haven’t seen a prisoner get thrown into a cell since Cobb.
  • Hauser standing on the mine, did he need to use the bathroom?
  • When did Hauser and Lucy meet in the present day?


Michael Esslinger – Alcatraz Expert

  • Some people not aware that guards lived on Alcatraz. Housing on the island very appealing, very cheap. Living on the island was considered a magical place to raise a family. Felt like a small town and was extremely safe, they didn’t even lock the doors at night. The prison was a constant presence in their lives, residents could get stuck on the mainland if the boats weren’t running.

  • Guy Hastings breaking away the moulding to find his secret stash. Hollowed out support in shower room, a shiv discovered, was there for at least forty five years. Probably more hidden things left to be found on Alcatraz.

Listener emails/No Comment

  • What’s the deal with Tommy’s blood, does Rebecca have the same thing in her blood? Possibility of Rebecca getting captured and having blood taken – No comment

  • Inconsistencies with Rebecca’s parentage, the gravestone is probably wrong, but could it be wrong on purpose?

  • Do the actors talk much about the real Alcatraz? Not really, but do tend to talk about the show itself. Jorge talks with the other actors about the fan community.

  • Any on-set pranks? More wackiness when it’s Jonny [Coyne], Jason [Butler Harner] and Parminder [Nagra].

  • When the series started they were already chasing Rebecca’s grandfather, but why? – No comment

  • Did Bethany get jealous when Soto hits on the coroner? – Not really, indifferent reaction.

  • Why don’t the local cops question the FBI for shooting people without good reason and disappearing with evidence? Idea of making the prisoners disappear will be addressed later.

Bonus Podcast – Jorge, Jonny Coyne and Jason Butler Harner

In the bonus podcast Jorge, Jonny Coyne (aka Edwin James) and Jason Butler Harner (aka E.B. Tiller) offer some amusing insight on Episode 1.06 and the show in general. Among the topics discussed are what’s it’s like working on the show, the actors on Twitter, Jorge’s zits and what the cast get up to when the cameras stop rolling.

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