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FOX’s recent cancelation of its freshman mystery series Alcatraz sank the hearts of the show’s fans who saw potential in the show’s overarching mythology, which suddenly opened up in the rather awesome season finale. With the series not appearing to move forward elsewhere and many mysteries left unresolved, fans are wondering: Just what was the mythology behind Alcatraz

Jorge Garcia, who played Doc Soto on the series, took to Twitter to share what he’d apparently learned about the show’s central mythology from one of the show’s co-creators Brian Wynbrandt. Here’s what Garcia claimed:

“Kinda got my mind blown tonight at dinner. @BryanWynbrandt explained the mythology behind Alcatraz. Guess what. It’s Purgatory.”

UPDATE: Co-creator Brian Wynbrant has since denied that the show’s mythology was about purgatory:

“It wasn’t purgatory, folks.

So, Garcia was joking, but it’s a reminder that there remains plenty of unresolved questions from Alcatraz. Previously, showrunner Daniel Pyne described the first season as a short story that ended as planned, but also promised they would “figure out some other way” to answer the unresolved questions should the show get canceled:

We haven’t planned on anything yet, but we’ll deal with that when the time comes. In one way, we feel like the first 13 [episodes] were a marvelous short story and ended where we wanted it to end with tons of questions, but [also] a lot of answers to things that had been bugging people. So, we wrapped some things up, but we deal with others. But if we don’t get picked up, yeah, we’ll have to figure out some other way. Online short stories maybe.

We’ll let you know if anything comes of that.

Source: @JorgeGarcia | HT: Seriable Reader Mesa

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  1. Underseer says

    “While the purgatory answer may turn off some fans, I think overall it’s another sign that the show was heading in an interesting direction and makes it’s cancelation even more regrettable.”

    No offense, but I gotta disagree with you there Roco. I think that ‘purgatory’ is an incredible cop-out. Dear lord, they were gonna rip the same ending as Lost with no shame whatsoever? How lazy and unimaginative can you get?!

    I’m sorry, but if this really was the answer, then thank goodness I didn’t have to sit through more seasons only to be given such an unoriginal and lame denouement. In this case, this show deserved its fate.

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    • says

      “No offense, but I gotta disagree with you there Roco. I think that ‘purgatory’ is an incredible cop-out. Dear lord, they were gonna rip the same ending as Lost with no shame whatsoever? How lazy and unimaginative can you get?!”

      None taken. It’s a game of opinions and I can see why not everyone would like it. ‘Purgatory’ as a one word explanation does sound kinda lame. I just think they may have been able to do something interesting with the concept (had it been legit) given the elements that were in-play.

      The ending of LOST is up for interpretation and I can see the irony, but in fairness I wouldn’t say it was purgatory.

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  2. John Young says

    I thik it is amusing that they considered the purgatory route especially since that was not the case in Lost. One of the most amazing things about the Lost finale was even though it definitely established that purgatory had absolutely nothing to do with it (if you had even the slightest smidgin of metaphysical understanding, that is) there were still loads of people claiming “I knew it, it was purgatory.” I loved how Lost poked fun at people who could not understand the time travel aspects of season 5 and then upped their game a notch in season 6 to poke fun at the sci-fi people who understood the simple physics of the time travel but were bewildered by the metaphyics of the flash-sideways. I wonder if Alcatraz would have played with the publics’ lack of understanding of religious themes in a similar inside-joke kind of way.

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  3. Annie says

    Uh. How do you not get that that was a joke, since everyone was always saying that Lost was about purgatory?

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  4. John Young says

    But it would have been much more fun to go along with it. Of course the fact that the Lost producers denied that the island was purgatory from the start didn’t stop people from going with that theroy even up to and past the finale so maybe the “fact” that Alcatraz was purgatory will be discussed for years to come anyway.

    Seriously though – some people from the show suggested that they would like to reveal the backstory in some fashion if the show was cancelled so I’m hoping that happens. They must have put a lot of thought into whatever it was and it would be a shame to not give fans at least something of it.

    Anything to get us past possibly the worst final scene for a TV series ever (To clarify – it would have been great if the show was renewed but for that to be the last thing we ever see is terrible)

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  5. matt says

    It did feel like they put a lot of thought into it and I think it was a really interesting concept so I hope they give the fans something to chew on (and the bullitt shout out was pretty cool).

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  6. Paul says

    Why of all of the new shows that families can enjoy together did they cancel this one? Any show you put up against Monday night wrestling will not get out of the roof ratings. Especially when the seasons finally goes up against a special ladder match. My wife who is a die heart wrestling fan recorded the match so she could watch the Alcatraz season finally live.

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