ALCATRAZ Opens Its Own Hatch, But Will It Get Season 2? Creators Weigh In With Story Plans


LOST fans will know what I mean when I say Alcatraz opened its own ‘Hatch’ in last night’s finale. But what does the future hold for the time-travelling mystery series; indeed, DOES it have a future?

Spoilers from the Alcatraz Season 1 finale — stop reading now if you feel you might be spoiled!

I said prior to the finale that creatively a lot hinged on what would take place. I was pleased by the developments, which included: insight into Tommy’s role; the 63s war; the secret Alcatraz command center behind the Big Heavy Door; the Warden and his scientist partner, who has just woken up from the jump; to name a few.

While the season as a whole had its problems, the finale presented an exciting vision of where the story could go in Season 2.

FOX has a decision to make on whether to bring it back, and numbers will certainly take precedent. That said, the show’s creators have spoken about where they plan to take the show, and the storytelling adjustments they might make, going forward.

Executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt says they don’t plan on making drastic changes to the format of the series, but have learned what works and what doesn’t:

“You obviously learn storytelling things that are working and that are not working, and we’ll obviously move forward with what we learn. People comment about ‘Fringe’ Season 1 and ‘Fringe’ Season 2; I don’t think it’s anything dramatic in that fashion, but obviously you learn things in any line of work… and you go in the direction the show’s taking you.”

Fringe is a good ballpark example here. Many Fringe fans will agree that the show really hit its creative stride in Season 2, when it began to embrace greater serialization.

Nielsen ratings and serialization don’t always go hand-in-hand on broadcast, of course, but good seriables, with enough fans and enough network support, can survive for longer-than-expected periods, as Fringe has proved.

I’m not saying it’s easy or that Fringe doesn’t frustrate when it dips into mandated ‘mythalone’-mode, but that’s the challenge that serial faces. Interestingly, Alcatraz is one of a number of serial-procedurals put out by networks this season, suggesting an appetite for drama that can potentially reach the heights of cable.

If Alcatraz were to get a second season, we wouldn’t expect a fully serialized jump (as also implied by Wynbrandt). But they could find ways of improving the seriability of the show in order to make the ‘arc journey’ more engaging and progressive, which ties into what co-creator Steven Lilien says here:

“I think overall we want to get to know our characters better, keep exploring our leads and get to know them better.”

Rebecca Madsen, though good in the finale, lacked integration with the story, at least in the on-screen narrative. With her life seemingly expired in the cliffhanger, the creators would have a choice on whether or not to bring her back.

Though with Tommy Mad’s blood inside her, it’s highly possibly she would survive and hopefully benefit from a second season where lessons have been learned.

Alcatraz showed intent last night, hopefully they’ll get the chance to see it through.

We’ll keep you updated on the future of Alcatraz.

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  1. Marcus says

    I would like to see Alcatraz survive, but not at the cost of Fringe. Fringe is awesome, best show on TV in my opinion.

    Alcatraz has potential, I lik ethe concept. A definite problem with the show in my opinion is that we have not gotten to know the characters at all. They need to give us a reason to care about them. There’s no heart.

    I say give Alcatraz another chance, but between the two shows I am Fringe all the way.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  2. says

    I really wish they bring this show back! I started the season not liking it but as the season went on it hooked me in. The warden was an excellent character and the scenes from 1963 kept me watching the show. I could kinda careless of the other characters.

    Like: Thumb up 3

  3. Justin Koch says

    Awesome show Fox. I love History and law. This show goes hand in hand. In my opinion best show since Standoff came out. still miss that show. Really hope Alcatraz continues. More Cliffhangers and spreading the story out would probably help ratings as well as draw a bigger audience

    Like: Thumb up 3

  4. Luego says

    I really don’t get the whole “serial” argument, especially with Fringe. Fringe had 10 million viewers in season 1, relying mostly on good, standalone, “monster-of-the-week” episodes.

    It might have “hit its stride, creatively” in season 2, but that’s when people stopped watching. 6 million viewers in s2. 5 million in s3. 3 million in season 4.

    Scifi often doesn’t really need a massive, consistent, “universe”. X-files did fine with “monsters of the week” for years, interspersing with mythos.

    Like: Thumb up 1

    • says

      “I really don’t get the whole “serial” argument, especially with Fringe. Fringe had 10 million viewers in season 1, relying mostly on good, standalone, “monster-of-the-week” episodes.

      It might have “hit its stride, creatively” in season 2, but that’s when people stopped watching. 6 million viewers in s2. 5 million in s3. 3 million in season 4.”

      Let’s not forget Fringe has been relocated to different nights since Season 3.

      I find the ‘serial argument’ very relevant since we’re talking about shows (at different points in their respective stories) that have procedural elements within larger serialized frameworks, particularly Fringe.

      X-Files has long since left the air, though it was a rare blend indeed.

      Fringe was initially more procedural in form, but clearly there was a bigger story to explore. You can’t really do that with MOTWs – not if you want to evolve the characters and move the story forward.

      The ‘bottom line’ can’t be overlooked, but this is the challenge for shows like Fringe and Alcatraz on broadcast. Shows that could be by-the-numbers procedurals, but obviously seek to tell overarching stories.

      Consider why broadcast networks haven’t given up on seriable drama. Perhaps this is something we’ll dig into in an upcoming piece.

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  5. Peanut says

    I’d like to see “Alcatraz” continue. I have enjoyed the show much more than “Terra Nova.” Of course, I don’t want to lose “Fringe.”

    Like: Thumb up 1

  6. Trish Williamson says

    I really to see the return of alcatraz. I really enjoyed watching alcatraz. when is it returning. serious 2.??

    Like: Thumb up 1

  7. Trish Williamson says

    I’m from Perth, AUSTRALIA. thought I just you know what country I’m from.

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  8. says

    @Trish – no word yet on Alcatraz Season 2, it looks to be touch and go as to whether FOX bring it back. That said, we should know sometime within the next couple of weeks. We’ll be sure to post as soon as we hear anything.

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  9. Brad says

    Alcatraz was an interesting concept, but the show seemed to have been miscast for a long-term cop procedural. Jorge Garcia would be more at home in ‘ The Greatest Loser’ than as a field operative who was face-to-face with violent criminals. Just watching him waddle as he walked made me roll my eyes. Sarah Jones has a great ‘rack’, and I thought it humorous that the show attempted to conceal those puppies until the end of the series. ( who didn’t strain to see more when she wore a tight turtleneck when running, or she was down to her bra on the gurney as they applied the paddles).

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