That is literally how ABC are promoting Once Upon A Time in its latest trailer. Has the idea well run dry? Does the light not scatter quite right?


JJ. Abrams Explains LOST Smoke Monster, Lens Flares And Mystery Box

With his new Super 8 movie opening to positive acclaim and two new TV series on the horizon in Person Of Interest and Alcatraz (and numerous other irons in the fire), there’s little question that director/producer/writer JJ. Abrams is still on top of his game. Speaking to /Film about his […]

LOST: Why Benjamin Linus Was A Large Potato, Carlton Cuse – VIDEO

Want to know why LOST’s Benjamin Linus was a large potato? This sneak peek from a new French-made documentary delves into the creative process of ABC’s LOST and the influence of Carlton Cuse, whose showrunning experience helped manifest a serialized beast that lasted six seasons. Lots of interesting character/mythology perspectives […]

Seriable Hall Of Legends: LOST

Seriable Hall Of Legends (May 2011): LOST

“Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.” – Mr. Eko Congratulations to LOST for becoming the first-ever Seriable Hall Of Legends inductee! The acclaimed ABC mystery series overcame five other Seriable Shows in our May 2011 face-off with an impressive 34% of the total – voted for by fans of serialized and […]

Fringe: Flashes Before Peter's Eyes

FRINGE: See All The Images That Flashed Before Peter’s Eyes

If you watched Friday’s “The Last Sam Weiss” episode of Fringe, you’ll probably have noticed several images flash before Peter’s eyes moments before the story leaped-forward to a post apocalyptic future. But the images were so quick that you might have had a hard time catching them all. Fear not. […]