Who Is Your All-Time Favorite JJ. Abrams Serialized TV Heroine?

With the news that Sarah Jones has become the latest leading lady to kick butt in a Bad Robot television series, we thought it would be a good idea to find out which serialized heroine is your all-time favorite from the JJ. Abrams magic box? The candidates are: Sydney Bristow from […]


Victor Garber Would Consider Alias ‘In The Old Folks Home’

Oh Alias. Look at all of these spy shows trying to steal your place in my heart. Don’t they know that no-one does it better than Sydney, Jack and the gang? While there’s yet to be a TV series that has topped Alias in the spy category, that hasn’t stopped […]


JJ. Abrams Breaks Silence On Alias 2.0 Rumors and Talks New Projects

Do you remember the Alias 2.0 rumors that were flying around some months back? At the time we had mixed feelings about the prospect of an Alias reboot. Obviously the show has a special place in the hearts of many serialized TV fans, but a reboot? Questions would need to […]

Alias Reboot?

Will ABC Bring Alias Back Like Sexy?

What do you do when Lost ends? You reboot Alias, of course! It may only be “initial talk” at this stage (according to E!), but the fact that the Alphabet network are even considering bringing back Alias so soon speaks volumes for their desire to retain the Lost audience, particularly with FlashForward […]