ABC Nabs Contagion-esque Drama INFECTION For 2013 Season


While most pilots are still preparing for this development season, ABC are planning ahead for next development season with the purchase of drama script Infection.

Infection was written on spec by Soo Hugh (The River) and developed by Aaron Kaplan who will serve as an executive producer, with ABC Studios producing.

Seriable Potential: In the mould of the 2011 thriller Contagion, Infection  tells the story of a deadly pandemic ravaging the nation. A desperate President orders a border that divides the nation to halt the spread of the virus. Now, five years later, survivors on both sides fight to bring the country back together.

Seriable Potential ‘Blind Rating’: 8.5/10

Source: Deadline

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    this is the type of thing i love, but seeing it’s from The River team makes me leery….the river finale episode might have been the sloppiest hour of tv ever written, and the rest of the show wasn’t very good either!

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