ABC Give ‘V’ The Peace Sign, Ditch ‘FlashForward’

Various sources are reporting that ABC have decided not to renew FlashForward for another season. The time-jumping drama had high hopes of becoming the next Lost, but creative struggles and low ratings have led ABC to cancel the series after just one season. I have to say that I’m not surprised. The 10 week hiatus didn’t help matters, even though they needed time to improve upon the first half of the season. The one silver lining for FF fans – the show will get to wrap up all those loose ends (or at least attempt to) with the final two episodes: “Countdown”, airing May 20th, and “Future Shock”, airing May 27th.

In better news, the alphabet have decided to renew V for a 13-episode season. Unlike FF it came back strongly after the hiatus and seems to have carved out a better niche for itself.

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