666 PARK AVENUE Posters Tease ‘New York’s Most Seductive Address’


ABC are hoping to seduce viewers with their new supernatural seriable 666 Park Avenue this fall. To help steer potential fans in the direction of “The Drake” — the apartment building at the center of the show’s mythology — they’ve released a couple of new promotional posters.

The imagery in the first poster implies that guests at The Drake are in for a highly seductive time, and not just with each other. The spiral staircase suggests a one-way trip for most, if not all, of the guests, and raises the question: what lurks down in the basement? The second poster makes a similar point, with Rachael Taylor’s character looking seduced by someone, or something, other her partner (Dave Annable).

Take a closer look at both ‘seductive’ posters below:

666 Park Ave checks into ABC this fall. Before then, fans can catch a first-look at the pilot on July 11 at Comic-Con, followed by a panel with the creators and stars on Friday 13.

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    I have to say these pictures look phenomenal and make me wanna watch this show even more. I hope they have many layers to the show and make it really dark and seductive. I really hope they are able to draw the viewer in until they are addicted to the show and can’t wait for next week.
    I have really been missing a show like 666 Park Avenue and really hope it’s not a disappointment!

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