4 Reasons Why Netflix Might Save Your Canceled Serial


Streaming giant Netflix are in the hunt for canceled serialized content to add to their growing cache of original series. Here are 4 reasons why they just might pick up your favorite canceled serial one of these fine days.

1. Built-in, Relevant Fanbase

Serialized dramas canceled by broadcast networks already have built-in fanbases, with fans of these shows being the most dedicated and tech savvy around. Even serials canceled in their first seasons will have attracted their own relative levels of passionate support, giving Netflix (and other streaming platforms) the opportunity to further extend their reach and increase subscriptions by scooping up those that fit their profile.

2. Heavily Marketed

Similar to the above, much of the ground-work has already been done as these serials are already in the consciousness of viewers, meaning costs can be saved on advertising.

3. Data

Netflix has what the networks don’t, access to the popularity of serials on their streaming platform. This is outlined in this piece with Hemlock Grove executive producer Eli Roth; essentially this magical data machine coughs up accurate projections on the viability of a serial in their streaming library, thus reducing that which networks fear – RISK.

4. Serialized Suits Streaming

Serialized drama with its ongoing story arcs is well-suited to streaming platforms, which provide viewers with the convenience of viewing episodes at their own pace. Viewers never need miss an episode again. Netflix know that this is an attractive proposition for supporters of serial.

These are just four simple reasons why you might find Netflix linked to your favorite canceled seriable. At the time of writing they have put feelers out on the relatively serial-lite Terra Nova and The River but have passed on both. They are still in talks with CBS over Jericho, and could yet acquire syndicated episodes of FOX sci-fi serial Fringe.

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  1. Pat says

    honestly, the only reason why some of my friends havent watched Fringe yet is because it isnt on netflix. I tell people who watched LOST on netflix to watch Fringe because they would like that too, and they ask, “well is it on Netflix?” and i have to reply with “No…”

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  2. matt says


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  3. matt says

    This sounds like a great idea for Netflix to do. I’d love to see the stargate series take a new life via Netflix. I say do it!

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