2011-12 TV Season Rankings: 17 Seriable Shows Ranked – Some Surprises


While the end of the broadcast season signals the arrival of summer seriables, it’s also a good opportunity to look back at where our favorite seriables ranked.

Out of the 156 shows listed based on how they performed in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo, 17 of them are our beloved seriables. Topping the full list was NBC’s Sunday Night Football with a 7.99 demo rating over 10 million demo viewers per week. The top-ranked serialized show was ABC’s Once Upon A Time, in at #16 with a 4.1 18-49 rating of demo and over 5 million weekly demo viewers.

See were your favorite serialized stories ranked — Terra Nova and Alcatraz fans may want to look away, once again, for your hearts may burst with injustice:

  • Once Upon A Time – Position: #16 – Demo Rating: 4.10/Demo Viewers: 5.24
  • Terra Nova – Position: #24 – Demo rating: 5.28/Demo viewers: 4.57
  • Alcatraz – Position: #30 – Demo rating: 3.39/Demo Viewers: 4.33
  • Person Of Interest: Position:#32 – Demo rating: 3.31/Demo Viewers: 4.23
  • Revenge: Position:#45 – Demo rating: 2.90/Demo Viewers: 3.70
  • Touch: Position:#51- Demo rating: 2.74/Demo Viewers: 3.50
  • The River: Position:#68 – Demo rating: 2.42/Demo Viewers: 3.09
  • Grimm: Position:#81 – Demo rating: 2.1/Demo Viewers: 2.74
  • Missing: Position:#98 – Demo rating 1.80/Demo Viewers: 2.29
  • Awake: Position:#104 – Demo rating: 1.66/Demo Viewers: 2.12
  • Fringe: Position:#105 – Demo rating: 1.66/Demo Viewers: 2.12
  • Chuck: Position:#122 – Demo rating: 1.33/Demo Viewers: 1.70
  • The Vampire Diaries: Position:#123 – Demo rating: 1.30/Demo Viewers: 1.65
  • The Secret Circle: Position:#140 – Demo rating:0.91/Demo Viewers: 1.16
  • Supernatural: Position:#141 – Demo rating: 0.89/Demo Viewers: 1.14
  • Ringer: Position:#147 – Demo rating: 0.79/Demo Viewers: 1.01
  • Nikita: Position:#151 – Demo rating: 0.61/Demo Viewers: 0.74

Source: Deadline

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  1. Frances Makarova says

    I would just like to know what the criteria is for a successful TV series? There have been some excellent series which have been cancelled without warning, just GONE with no explanation. Is it the shows which attract the advertising which win out no matter how crappy they are? Or is it quality TV which takes awhile to catch on. I am sick and tired of getting involved in TV series which ends prematurely with no conclusion at all. C’mon if a show is not doing as well financially why don’t they just move it to a different time slot? And look for a different demographic? If someone just likes soap opera’s they get the garbage they want, but there are many of us who like a really good story and watch a TV series and yes even buy it on Blu-Ray if it is good. Look at Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ it was cancelled, but the fans made enough noise to force Fox to allow at least a movie ‘Serenity’ be made to complete the story. And yes I own both the TV series and the movie. So even after a series is cancelled it continues to make a profit, and you can go to any store which sells DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs and find them still making a profit, as more people learn about them after they were cancelled. The profits are not just in the advertising, they are in the sales of the DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs later. So stop being so damned shortsighted!

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