15 Awesome Images From The Future-Propelled 3.21 FRINGE Scene

We’ve got 15 awesome images from the future-propelled final scene from last night’s Fringe. I’m calling it the ‘semi-rattlesnake in the mail box’ because it wasn’t quite as unforeseen as the LOSTflash forward‘ – but it was highly intriguing, leaving us much to speculate.

As we begin to digest the events foretold and delivered, check out the images below along with our initial commentary on what the scene means.

The scene opens with the classic blurry haze, giving us a sense of how the person whose eyes we’re ‘borrowing’  is feeling. Dazed and confused, Peter wakes up to his war-torn future.

Wait. Is this his future or a vision of what his future could hold? Two likely possibilities spring to mind:

1. Future Peter has consciously experienced this future and doesn’t know where he is merely because he’s dazed from his injuries.
2. His 2011 consciousness has jumped to this future version of events that is ‘yet to happen’.

Not that time is linear in this show, but there could be a lot of consciousness jumping ‘back and forth’ as a way for Peter (or the Observers) to change things. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

It’s a battleground. Civilians run for cover while soldiers prowl for ‘the enemy’. Crap, a civilian(?) appears to be dead just yards from where Peter is lying.

Thankfully, Peter is alive. He must have been knocked unconscious – it’s not the first time in the episode he’s woken to carnage.

Peter is dressed in military clothing with “BISHOP” on his tag. He’s clearly a man of rank – as you might expect, having been the cause of this vision/reality.

And..is that a wedding ring? Who’s the lucky gurl? One wonders.

Peter gets to his feet, as solders continue to evacuate the area and respond to things blowing up.


Peter still doesn’t know where he is, but he DOES have pretty hair.

To prevent his pretty hair from catching fire from the ‘splody things, Peter retreats to relative cover.

He notices a plaque commemorating 9/11 and the completion of the Freedom Tower, opened 20 years later. (thanks to Creepy Groovy in the comments for the clarification).

Peter looks up…

..at the positively HUGE Freedom Tower.

SPOILER ALERT: Based on the promo for next week’s finale this future apparently takes place 15 years from 2011 – making it the year 2026.

Peter wants you to know that the tower is TALL – like a beanstalk.

A solider comes rushing over and calls Peter – “Agent Bishop“. So he’s an agent, now? Intwisting.

This also seems to explain the word AGENT in the glyph code for the previous episode, “6:02 AM EST”.

The soldier is Fringe Division. His badge has the parallel “F” insignia that was made famous by the Over There Fringe Division. However, it’s “yellow” – the oft-fan predicted thematic marker for the speculated third universe.

I’m not sure we’re seeing a ‘third universe’, per se. More the product of a future comprised of the ‘Over Here’ and ‘There’ universes combined.

Though I wouldn’t rule out an entirely separate universe borne from Peter’s tangle the BBM. One containing all the things his mind held onto. Though that might be delving into semantics.

Soldier dude tells his leader that he’s been hit and calls for a medic. This would explain why Peter was unconscious – injured in battle.

Peter starts feeling droooooowsy, dude!

Thoughts? Opinions? Crackpot Theories? Feel free to share ’em.


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  1. CreepyGroovy says

    Sorry, Roco – there weren’t two different 9/11-style attacks. What you’re seeing is the dedication plaque for the date the Freedom Tower (actually the real design) was finally built on the site of the WTC attack. Looks like it took 20 years to build in that world, whatever/whenever that world is!

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  2. Fring3Fri3nd says

    I refuse to theorize – I am in the observer mode – feel like I am being taken on a journey – an exciting one at least.

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  3. Cortexifan says

    the year 2026 was the cops car number at the museum as Olivia is looking at the floor plans. I thought the number meant something but didn’t make the connection until you spelled out what year it would be in the future.

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