11 TV Mythologies We’re Most Looking Forward to Exploring in 2011

The year ahead is bursting with all sorts of crazy-delicious mythology, including: aliens, zombies, Time Lords, time-travel, First People, superheroes, and yep, you guessed it – mysterious islands!

Head past the jump to find out which TV mythologies we’re most looking forward to exploring in 2011.

Terra Nova: Time-travel! Dinosaurs!

Time-travel and dinosaurs aren’t exactly new, but they’re not exactly boring either. Least not from the outset. Terra Nova sees future humans travelling back to prehistoric times to ‘start over’. We’ll let you know how that works out.

Fringe: The First Peeps

A highly advanced civilization who ruled the earth before T-Rex got his swag on? Check! They invented a machine that had the power to at once create and destroy? Check! That machine was split into a billion pieces and buried underground only for Walternate to discover millions of years later? Check! The machine is called..”The Vacuum”? Ah well, I wont hold a sucky name that against this piece of otherwise delicious ‘First People‘ mythology.

Alcatraz: Mo’ Islands, Mo’ Time-Travel?

It’s only been 15 minutes since the last JJ. Abrams-approved TV show, but, unlike Undercovers, his latest series looks set to have mythology in its DNA from the get-go. Alcatraz brings us Hurley, a mysterious island, and possible time-travel. We’re so there!

The Event: The ‘Maybe’ Aliens

They’re easily the most interesting thing about the first 10 episodes of The Event. Between Sophia, Thomas, and Simon we have a trio who suggest that there’s still an intriguing direction for this story to go. I want to find out more about them; where are they from? How did they get to Earth? What are the rules of their powers? Why don’t they seem to age? What message did Thomas send home? I just hope I still care by the time we get there!

And what IS The Event?

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Song

When they last met (I say last bearing in mind time-travel is very timey-wimey) River Song apologized to the Doctor for something that happens in his future. She also said that very soon he’d know who she really was and warned him that everything would change. Well, if I ain’t on tenterhooks over this one! With the upcoming sixth series coming in two blocks and containing two major cliffhangers, surely we’ll get some answers!?

Falling Skies: Take Me To Your Leader

They may not look as good as V’s Anna, but they have big weapons and they’re not afraid to use them. Who are these aliens and whatever do they want with Earth and her citizens?

The Walking Dead: Zombies!

When the enemy are zombified humans and the even bigger enemy are non-zombified humans, it’s a mythology worth watching unfold. For the entertainment as well as the social commentary, implied or stumbled upon.

Torchwood: Starz In Their Eyes

Torchwood launches a new series on Starz and I’m just eager to see what happens. The new characters sound interesting and the scope will be international. Whatever mythology they bring, we’ll be there.

Locke & Key: Unlocking Those Doors

Last year saw some pretty awesome comic adaptations hit the various screens. I’m willing to give another one a chance – Locke & Key sounds like it should tick most of our boxes. Telling the story of a family who move into a creepy mansion with transformative inter-dimensional doors and a hate-filled monster, it would be a challenge not to give it a peak.

Game Of Thrones: Fantasy Fix

A fantasy epic underscored by the tagline “Winter Is Coming“. I’m unspoiled, have my sword unsheathed and my eyes open to whatever mythology this one throws at me!

The Cape: Anti-Heroes?

We’re not naive enough to think that The Cape will be fully serialized fare. But it’s hard to do a superhero show without also bringing the mythology element. What I’ve seen so far pleases me, particularly the early construction of the show’s ‘world’ and universe of characters that the creators plan to develop. Dare I say I’m looking forward to this more than I ever thought I would.

What about you – are there any TV mythologies that have you excited or intrigued for the year ahead?

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  1. jabba says

    While the premise of The Cape might not be very original, few things actually are these days. What I think will make or break the series is the execution of the concept and how well the writers maintain the juxtoposition of the superhero-y aspects with the central character drama of Faraday’s character journey.
    I’m looking forward to the series, and hope it finds an audience and is able to stick around longer than one season.

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