10 Serialized TV Characters We’re Thankful For


We thought it would be a good time to send a message of gratitude to some of our most appreciated serialized TV heroes (and villains).

MILD SPOILERS may follow..

In no particular order, here are just 10 serialized TV characters we’re grateful for..

John Locke

For never giving up (well, aside from that time he almost hung himself) and for the orange smile that made us peel into his mystery. Thanks for the adventure, John.

Dale Cooper

For those damn fine cups of coffee, keeping our collective concentration levels high throughout the overarching journey. Dale, we’re so thankful.

Olivia Dunham

For being our guide through many worlds. Thank you Olive, for always being the strong one.

Rick Grimes

For doing right when it would be easier to do wrong. Cheers Rick.

Sydney Bristow

For making us care in her journey. But most of all, Syd, thanks for training us in the art of high-heel combat.

Eddard Stark

For having honor in the face of corruption and for lending us his big, shiny Seriable Sword. Thanks Ned, it will serve us well in the ongoing serial-procedural battle.

 Walter White

For allowing us to witness one of the most compelling (and scary) character journeys of the past decade. Yeah, Mr White! .. for opening our eyes.

William Adama

For leading and protecting humanity against the Cylons.

Queen Anna

For making the rebooted V worth enduring, and for totally winning. With peace, Anna.

The Doctor

For being all timey-wimey. Thanks, sweetie.

And of course, we thankful to our ever-growing seriable community for making the journey with us! Long may it continue..

Which serialized TV characters are you thankful for?

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  1. Pat says

    great list.

    i might add Raylan Givens, John Casey, Dexter, and Mal Reynolds,

    but i realize that a list of 10 only has 10 spots.

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  2. Underseer says

    The beguiling Olivia Dunham, and her delectable real-verse counterpart, for giving me my weekly fix of Torv-age. Can’t beat The Torv. Brains and beauty. She can win your heart and kick your ass.

    But Roco, you left out one of the best serialized characters in history, Walter Bishop and the ever-awesome John Noble (and his resonant, chilling “bring wood and oil!” line in Lord of the Rings)!

    One of the most memorable moments for me, is when Walter subjected a horrified Astrid to his vile flatuence in season one! My wife and I were paralysed with laughter when that line, er, broke.

    Not to mention when he broke wind in a hazmat suit and was ‘nauseated’. Ah, Walter, a, erm, breath of fresh air. 😉

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 22

    • Cortexifan says

      I completely agree.
      Olivia Dunham is the best! Anna Torv is awesome in how she portrays the multi-Dunhams.
      I would have put Walter Bishop on that list as well.

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  3. Kira says

    Olivia Dunham x 8 + Anna Torv.
    Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) incredible!.
    Rick Grimes, absolutely!.
    The Doctor, all the time.
    Also, Sarah Connor (Lena Headey).
    And Cameron (Summer Glau).

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  4. Heitor Bastos says

    Well, The Gang in Buffy, Mulder and Scully, Kirk and Spock, and others that don’t come to mind right now.

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  5. Page 48 says

    Sydney plays in a league of her own. Everyone else eats at the kids’ table. But what a kids’ table it is!

    Kids like Buffy (& the Scoobies), Veronica Mars, Jack Bauer, and others that I can’t think of while I’m pretending to work. It’s a good table.

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  6. Red Balloon says

    Agent Olivia Dunham is the one that broke the mold, and her character’s interaction improves the perception of the people around her. Is essential in a way that amazes to exceed the expectations of others, and adds the element of surprise with her abilities.

    I can’t think of any one else playing her like Anna Torv….she is even more amazing than her own character 😉

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    • Cortexifan says

      As Walter says to Olivia (which is true for Anna as well): “You have no idea how extraordinary you are. If you would embrace that, there is no end to what you can do.”

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 16

      • Red Balloon says

        And Bell to Walter in “Over There Part 2″…”We’ve accomplished a lot together Walter, but she might be our greatest achievement”

        And we are talking about time-travel devices, cures for genetic deceases, reading peoples brain frequencies, clones, etc, etc, etc…this two mad scientists have accomplished

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  7. williamreturns says

    Olivia to the end of time, no one before and no one after; I would argue that she is the league!

    No Mulder though?

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

  8. Aria Mohtadi says

    Definitely agree with all

    I loved Locke’s story arc and conclusion, when his blind faith actually led him to the Monster’s embrace instead of the light! :)

    I also would like to thank Sydney for always ruining Sloane’s day with her sarcasm. 😀

    Of course, Olivia, hero of heroes, “Healer” of worlds.

    And don’t make me start babbling about Mr.White and the sheer AWESOMENESS that lies within his character…
    I’m also thankful for these characters:

    Charles Logan (24)
    Tony Soprano (Sopranos)
    Claire Fisher (Six feet under)
    Irina Derevko (Alias)
    Jack Shepherd (Lost)
    Stewie Griffin ! :))


    Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

  9. says

    How in God’s name has no one mentioned the great Ben Linus? I don’t think you can have John Locke without Ben, never have two characters competed so strongly for my affections.

    Locke was certainly an incredible character though and perhaps the most important character in terms of Lost’s success because long before Jacob and The Man In Black and the Dharma Initiative and the time travel and what not there was John Locke, Lost’s original man of mystery.

    Looking back at the show as a whole things were quite simple in season one, especially the early days where they were simply trying to survive but because the character was so deep, so well written and so perfectly played by Terry O’Quinn Locke just oozed mystery and intrigue.

    If I’m being honest my version of this list would be almost entirely Lost characters, I’d include: Locke, Ben, Sayid, Desmond, Sawyer, Alpert and Eko. Jack Bauer, Walter White and Gustavo Fring would round out the list.

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